Winston, Winstoff

Jameis Winston went 16-25 208 yards last night. While it wasn’t his best it may have been his most encouraging. The problem for Jameis is often we see perhaps the game moves too fast for him, and it leads to erroneous interceptions. Thursday vs the Panthers the former Heisman demonstrated he is capable of avoiding the inexplicable turnovers we’ve seen constantly in his first 5 years, and if he wants to remain a starting quarterback in the NFL then he has to display a string of consistent positive play. The time is now.

Now I for one think interceptions are overrated, to an extent. Of course we never wanna see the quarterback turn the ball over, as the motto goes we want each possession to end in a kick. However, not all interceptions are created equal. A pick-six in the first quarter doesn’t have the impact a pick-six in the fourth quarter. A quarterback who throws 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions isn’t the same as a quarterback who throws 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions…etc.

So what do we need to see from Jameis going forward? More of what we saw on Thursday. Let the game come to you. Take what the defense gives. Trust the system. And just maintain focus for 60 minutes.Tampa did absolutely the right thing firing Dirk Koetter and they did the perfect thing getting Bruce Arians for Jameis. The first two weeks have been polar opposite performances, and this mini bye week is going to give Bruce Arians and his staff time to polish and improve on a lot of things. Ultimately it’ll boil down to Winston learning and applying it to the football field every Sunday.

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