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Week 2 The Good the Bad and The Huh

Panthers vs Falcons: 31-24 Falcons

Bills vs Chargers: 31-20 Chargers

Vikings vs Packers: 29-29

Browns vs Saints: 21-18 Saints

Dolphins vs Jets 20-12 Dolphins

Chiefs vs Steelers: 42-37 Chiefs

Eagles vs Buccaneers: 27-21 Buccaneers

Texans vs Titans: 20-17 Titans

Colts vs Redskins: 21-9 Colts

Cardinals vs Rams: 34-0 Rams

Lions vs 49ers: 30-27 49ers

Raiders vs Broncos: 20-19 Broncos

Patriots vs Jags: 31-20 Jaguars

Giants vs Cowboys: 20-13 Cowboys

Week 2 was strange. So strange that Buffalo Bills Cornerback Vontae Davis retired during halftime. Let’s recap:


The Good: Patrick Mahomes threw for 6 touchdowns vs the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon and setting a record for the most Touchdowns in the first 2 games of the season with 10.

The bad: Pittsburgh's defense as a staff, label, and crew.

The Huh: It is shameful Bell and the Steelers haven't figured out a solution yet.


The Good: Matt Ryan threw two touchdowns IN THE RED ZONE and he managed to have to rushing touchdowns as well.

The bad: None of those passes were to Julio; I would still like to see Julio get more involved in that area.

The Huh: The Panthers lead receiver was their running back Christian McCaffrey who led the way with 14 receptions


The Good: Kirk Cousins and Aaron Rodgers went toe to toe in a thrilling week 2 clash of division rivals. Sunday's game may have been the first of three matchups between these two talented football teams.

The Bad: The Minnesota Vikings' kicker.

The Huh: Seriously NFL, another tie?? A wise coach once said, "What the hell's going on out here?"


The Good: Blake Bortles threw for nearly 400 yards vs Bill Belichick's defense.

The bad: Bill Belichick allowed Blake Bortles to throw for nearly 400 yards.

The Huh: Blake Bortles torched Bill Belichick's secondary.

Around the league:

The Good: The Views From the 22 Crew were prepared to ban all thing Chargers related if they lost to the Bills, thankfully we don't have to do that.

The Bad: The Texans lost to a Titans team missing their starting Quarterback, both starting offensive tackles, and their two running backs running for a combined 32 carries and 98 yards.

The Huh: Everything Cleveland Browns. Last week the game ended in a tie after they forced their opponents into 6 turnovers. This week vs the Saints they lead for majority of the game until late in the 4th quarter. They had an opportunity to take the lead with under 2 minutes left and the kicker (who shall remain nameless for his protection) missed the PAT. Before the clock expires he has a chance to tie the game and send it into overtime and of course misses. Did anyone actually think he was going to make it?

In closing, I don't know how and I don't know when, just know when the Browns come to town, the Browns gon' Brown.

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