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Tru 22 Week 9

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Tru’s All 22 

Week 9

The main goal of the Tru 22 is the best 22 players at each respective position. The only stipulation is you must ball and you cannot fall. And if you fall YOU BETTER (schef voice) go down like a member of the 300 spartains LOL…. So here are the 22 Tru Ballers for week 9:


QB Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks

  • Dear MVP trophy, I like ya and I want ya. Professionally, Russell Wilson.

RB Josh Jacobs Oakland Raiders

  • He has a style of running that translates to late January football. All i know is he needs the ball 25 times minimum per game.

RB Christian McCaffrey Carolina Panthers

  • He may never be a guy who gets the tough yards consistently, however he is the most lethal weapon we may have ever seen out of the backfield. Yes, this includes Marshall Faulk.

WR Mike Evans Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • He can't do anything else to help the bucs at this stage, he is balling out of his mind. 

WR Tyler Lockett Seattle Seahawks

  • When him and russ are clicking the seahawks offense is on another level. He tracks the ball in the air with the best of them and is a very solid route runner with exceptional speed.

TE Zach Ertz Philadelphia Eagles 

  • He may be the best route running tight end in the league. Good things happen when he is targeted consistently.

T Mitchell Schwartz Kansas City Chiefs

  • Ever since he walked out of Berea Ohio he has lived up to his expectations and then some. 

G Marshall Yanda Baltimore Ravens 

  • The way he has played this year has been nothing short of excellent. He is a huge part of why this power running game is so potent 

 G Richie Incognito Oakland Raiders

  • Say what you want about the whole bully situation years ago. On the field is where he is the real bully. He is moving folks and that is why this Oakland running game is so solid.

G Brandon Brooks Philadelphia Eagles 

  • Probably the most consistent lineman this season.

T Ronnie Stanley Baltimore Ravens 

  • He is playing very well right now in both the run and pass game. 


Edge Demarcus Lawrence Dallas Cowboys

  • He is arguably the most balanced edge player in the league. Game wrecker with ability to stop the run, scary combo.

Edge Bud Dupree Pittsburgh Steelers

  • The explosiveness is downright scary. When he plays well on the edge he is a great compliment to his counter part, see the next player. 

Edge TJ Watt Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Baby Watt is his name and Watt is his game, greatness is the point of that.

DT Chris Jones Kansas City Chiefs

  • One of the best defensive lineman in the game. Elite explosiveness and very good with his hands. Perfect player for the Chiefs defensive front.

 LB Alexander Johnson Denver Broncos

  • Solid player who is all over the field. Lets see how he continues to develop in this scheme. He is fun to watch 

LB Sean Lee Dallas Cowboys

  • The elder statesman of the Dallas defense. He is the guy that when he plays well it seems the entire unit balls out. 

DB Malcolm Jenkins Philadelphia Eagles

  • The former buckeye is an ageless wonder who's versatility is incredibly important to that Philly defense. Wish they got him some help so he could focus on taking away players week to week(see super bowl tape against james white)

CB Marcus Peters Baltimore Ravens

  • Soooo if he is all of a sudden playing better is it because of coaching or what? Well all I am going to say is the change of scenery has turned him back into who we thought he was.

DB Minkah Fitzpatrick Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Dear Miami, thanks for tanking without a purpose. Love, Mike Tomlin

S Earl Thomas Baltimore Ravens

  • He's back!!!!! Still best free safety in the game 

S Justin Simmons Denver Broncos

  • His growth has been very refreshing to watch. He is becoming one of the key cogs on this defense 

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