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Tru 22 Week 11

Tru’s All 22

Week 11

The main goal of the Tru 22 is the best 22 players at each respective position. The only stipulation is you must ball and you cannot fall. And if you fall YOU BETTER (schef voice) go down like a member of the 300 spartains LOL. So here are the 22 Tru Ballers for week 11:


QB Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens

The 2nd year qb is having an MVP season. Simply put his ability with his legs gives teams something extra to prepare for each week

RB Josh Jacobs Oakland Raiders

The power running game is working for a team that has all the right complementary pieces to make this offense be a handful on game days. But I don't think anybody thought he would have made the transition look this easy. Jacobs is showing that a good running game can carry a team and make them competitive.

WR Michael Gallup Dallas Cowboys

The route running ability is one of the traits I like most about him. He is creating separation on all 3 levels and doing a good job of making dbs have to tackle him in the open field.

WR Calvin Ridley Atlanta Falcons

I hate to say this but he may be the most important receiver on this team. When he is involved the chains are moving and the offense flows smoother, just an observation. Hopefully Dan Quinn catches wind of it because he seems to be clueless.

WR John Brown Buffalo Bills

His success is contingent on Josh Allen being able to throw the ball down field accurately and this week it all worked out for Brown. As Allen gets better we will see Brown's numbers get better.

WR Deebo Samuel San Francisco 49ers

This rookie is one that I think has all the goods. He can run every route, get open anyway, and play every receiver spot. Deebo, with Sanders, combined with their dynamic running attack should become more lethal as he matures in this offense.

T Andrew Whitworth Los Angeles Rams

Veteran Left tackle did a good job protecting the franchise statue… I mean qb.

T Bobby Evans Los Angeles Rams

The right tackle did a solid job against Khalil Mack. Bigger thing is the right side of that line was moving some people and they got Gurley going which was huge for them in this game.This is another rookie and frankly I like what I have seen so far. With injuries to the online he could find himself with a more permanent job.

G Quenton Nelson Indianapolis Colts

He is one of the best linemen in football. But I didnt know he could carry the football too, Refrigerator Nelson has a ring to it.

G Marshall Yanda Baltimore Ravens

Best blocker on the most dominate offense line in football.

G David Edwards Los Angeles Rams

The rookie got the start due to a season ending injury to Brian Allen. He held his own this week at the right guard spot clearing the way for a big day on the ground for Todd Gurley and the Rams offense


Edge Maxx Crosby Oakland Raiders

Dear John Gruden, Why didnt you tell me about this guy? Was Ferrell and Crosby the 1-2 punch you envisioned??? All I'm saying is I'm here for this show.

Edge Matt Judon Baltimore Ravens

When he is getting pressure it makes the Ravens defense look super bowl ready. He is the best pass rusher on this team. Lets see if he can sustain his play because with the way the secondary is playing its going to be a long day for all of the Ravens remaining opponents.

Edge Aaron Donald Los Angeles Rams

The way he can make the pocket collapse by himself is special. When he gets up under you, good luck.

LB Joe Schobert Cleveland Browns

Joe made plays on Thursday consistently. Registering 10 tackles 1 sack and 2 interceptions in a big win over Pittsburgh.

LB Fred Warner San Francisco 49ers

Kwon Alexander's replacement turned in a good week. Looks like he is starting to settle in which is what the niners need til kwon comes back next season.

LB Tremaine Edmunds Buffalo Bills

One of the best young linebackers in the game. At his size he does a tremendous job of blitzing and applying pressure from the linebacker spot.

S Jamal Adams New York Jets

3 sacks??? From a safety??? Ed Reed would be proud.

S Earl Thomas Baltimore Ravens

He is a model of consistency at his position. He is just always in the right place at the right time. He is the glue to this young secondary and they are playing like the best secondary unit in the world.

CB Marlon Humphrey Baltimore Ravens

I can't do anything but continue to marvel at the way he is playing. He is physical and very good at making receivers work for every catch.

CB Marcus Peters Baltimore Ravens

He did an excellent job making Hopkins work anytime he was lined up against him. He didnt get a defensive score this week but he helped contain the best receiver in the game

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