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Tru 22 Week 10

Tru’s All 22 

Week 10

The main goal of the Tru 22 is the best 22 players at each respective position. The only stipulation is you must ball and you cannot fall. And if you fall YOU BETTER (schef voice) go down like a member of the 300 spartains LOL. So here are the 22 Tru Ballers for week 10:


QB Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens

  • The spin move he made on two defenders on the touchdown run was filthy. He is playing some good football, flaws and all, he is doing one thing that is important (protecting the football).

 RB Nick Chubb Cleveland Browns

  • I can't name one run because he has about 5 solid runs a game. This guy is playing like one of the top 5 backs in the world. If the coaching staff rode this guy more they may have a winning record.

RB Derrick Henry Tennessee Titans 

  • The catalyst for the Titans success is this guy.

  • He is not a guy that teams are going to commit to tackling for 60 minutes

RB Dalvin Cook Minnesota Vikings

  • The ability to create yards on his own with his quickness and speed has been fun to watch. He may have been the biggest mismatch against that Cowboys defense this week. He just continues to produce and when he plays well the Vikings are tough to beat. 

RB Aaron Jones Green Bay Packers

  • He is currently leading the league in rushing touchdowns. His vision is spectacular and the way he is able to maintain his balance and still get positive yards makes him a tough guy to tackle week after week. 

WR Jarvis Landry Cleveland Browns

  • The unquestioned leader of this young talented team. When he is involved in the game plan the browns win. Big catch late to get the browns in the redzone for the game winning score

G Joel Bintonio Cleveland Browns

  • He paved the way for a few of Nick Chubb's big plays on Sunday. If only he had some consistency around him on other parts of the line.

G Marshall Yanda Baltimore Ravens

  • Another week of being strong at the point of attack. Cleared the way for another big day on the ground for the ravens.

C Ben Jones Tennessee Titans

  • Very solid week for the center this week. Provided a key block on the Henry touchdown run.

T Ronnie Stanley Baltimore Ravens

  • Slowly but surely he is becoming the anchor to this Baltimore line. If he is your lead blocker you are in good shape 

T Chris Hubbard Cleveland Browns

  • Played alot better this week for a Browns team that plays better when utilizing the run. Hubbard was a huge part of the game winning drive on Cleveland’s right side which has performed better in run blocking than in pass protection. 


DL Cameron Hayward Pittsburgh Steelers

  • The most disruptive force on the Steelers defensive line. Putting him with Dupree and Watt has caused a lot of issues for offensive lines this year. He is the elder statesman on this young and fast defense that looks like it will be a dominating unit for years to come.

Edge Jadeveon Clowney Seattle Seahawks

  • I can't pick one play from last week to highlight. He dominated from start to finish. One of the best performances I have seen in a while.

DT Grady Jarrett Atlanta Falcons

  • Got very good interior pressure against a Saints offensive line that has played tremendous this season. 2.5 sacks from a 3 tech. Solid performance this week for an awful Falcons team

Edge Clelin Ferrell Oakland Raiders

  • The rookie pass rusher put in a solid 8 total tackles and 2.5 sack performance. He shows nothing but flat out effort. My theory is the effort rushers are the most annoying. He fits the bill.

LB Rashaan Evans Tennessee Titans 

  • The best part of his game this week is he just made plays every time his defense needed them. He picks up a fumble that gets his team on the board and then he makes the 3rd down stop by taking a great angle to make Mahomes slide for a loss. 

LB Tahir Whitehead Oakland Raiders

  • The leading tackler for week 10. He was all over the field. 

S Eric Harris Oakland Raiders

  • He had a nose for the football this week. His interception on the goal line by reading Rivers eyes was a game changer seeing that they won by 2.

CB Joe Haden Pittsburgh Steelers

  • The way he has played for this defense has been a breath of fresh air. He broke up a pass play on a crossing route on a key 3rd down and of course a big interception late to seal the game. 

CB Marcus Peters Baltimore Ravens

  • The pick six is the 3rd defensive touchdown for him in as many weeks. He is back to lurking and playing his brand of football. This trade may be the one that makes the ravens the favorite in the AFC to challenge the criminal enterprise.

S/DB Minkah Fitzpatrick

  • The awareness and versatility have solidified this entire defense. They play faster since he has been added to this defense. The fumble recovery for a Touchdown changed the game. 

S Jamal Adams New York Jets 

  • He did everything but sell popcorn out there. He is by far the best player on this jets defense. If he is going to blitz the way he did in this game, send him more often. Lucky for Saquon he only has to face Adams once every 4 years. 

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