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Super Bowl 52 Matchups::-foles vs brady

This year's super bowl matchup may not have a better storyline than the matchup of Tom Brady vs Nick Foles.

The ultimate matchup of greatness and consistency vs potential and inconsistency or as I would call it potential vs credentials. While Foles just needs to keep it simple and not turn the ball over Brady’s job isn't nearly as simple. So here i want to highlight the challenges facing each qb in super bowl 52.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots defenses present different challenges this Sunday. Nick Foles must be accurate when asked to throw because the strength of this Patriots defense is their secondary. Meanwhile Tom Brady must be quick and precise with his decisions due to the strength of the Eagles defense which is the defensive line. Everything each defense does fundamentally is built off the strengths of these two units.

So if the Eagles can get pressure on Brady it will force some drives to end quickly meaning a punt or a field goal which is considered a win for the defense when playing Brady. Foles on the other hand has one philosophy he has to abide by and that is if it results in a kick it is a win. Funny how the Eagles philosophy on both sides of the ball are the same against New England right? Well here is the thing if the game is a shootout it favors New England.

If this game turns into a shootout then it favors New England because Brady is master of tempo and going after the weaknesses of not just your defense but your personnel on defense as well. So that means he is in a good rhythm picking on the linebackers, corners and safetys and moving the ball at will. While for the Eagles that would mean they have the running game going and Foles playing similar to how he played in the NFC championship. Why does this favor New England you ask?

Because Brady doesn't make many mistakes and at this stage of his career you can't force him to take something he doesn't want. While Foles on the other hand could let his success early go to his head and get baited into a bad throw that changes the game or ends it. The eagles have to win this game by controlling the game in the trenches and keeping the pats defense honest with good play action fakes and simple throws like slants, digs, seams, and drag routes. If the game is in the mud meaning physical and ugly it favors the eagles because they are controlling the game at the line of scrimmage. All Foles has to do in that style of game is simple, manage the game.

This matchup may not be directly Brady vs Foles but we must remember the quarterback is the most important and scrutinized position in all sports. Both of these teams would not be in this game if it wasn't for their Quarterback. But the biggest narrative in this game may not be about the Qbs playing in the game when it’s all said and done. It will be about the QB not playing (Carson Wentz) that gets talk about to insinuate a better win or an excuse for failure………...


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