Rexes and Joes

By: Jerm SoTru (@jermsotru)

Players vs Coaches- which means more to team success?

The biggest misconception in professional sports is that coaches win games. Without the players to execute and perform the coach is basically just a guy who assigns duties and roles to the players. The coach is essentially the supervisor or manager of a team’s talent. Coaching is not easy, and still commands good or great ability to motivate, inspire, and develop. The players are ultimately the key to the success of the coaching staff. Now for my older school hoops fans let's look at subject A, Mr. Red Auerbach. Coach Auerbach coached the most accomplished NBA franchise in history (Boston Celtics), and during his tenure he had arguably the greatest ever assembled. We are talking about a coach that won 9 of the 16 years he was the coach including the 8 straight championships from 1959-1966. The talent on that basketball team was the key to their dominance. No team, or coach, has ever won with just great coaching, you need great players too. Now let's bring it back to football. Let's look at Bill Walsh and Joe Montana and the 49ers organization. For those who don’t know Bill Walsh is technically the godfather of every modern day NFL offense. As the creator of the West coast offense a lot of his base principles have been used ever since in the NFL, and almost every modern offense has some variation of the west coast implemented into their philosophy. While Bill was the creator, his Quarterback Joe Montana had to master the offense and more importantly execute in order for the 49ers to win. Up until recently Walsh and Joe Montana were regarded as the greatest coach and player of all time. They have recently been dethroned by 6 time super bowl champions Bill Belichick and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. I have seen so many people say things like “Tom would have never won without Bill” and vice versa. All the folks that say Bill’s more important than Tom Brady or Bill is more valuable than Brady have to cease immediately. In the history of sports, all sports dynasties have had great players who were the most important part of that success. The only constant in Foxboro for almost 2 decades is the quarterback. The rest of the team around him has changed drastically. In fact Bill’s approach has sent away numerous talented players and drafted very few good players to replace some of those players. Tom Brady in his career has adjusted to whatever personnel he has had offensively and since being named a starter back in 2001 has only missed the playoffs once and that was in 2002. (In 2008 he went down in the first quarter of week 1 with an ACL injury and the pats didn't make the postseason.) Coaching only gets you so far because the coach can call the play but the players have to execute in order for it to work. Furthermore, Bill doesn't coach the offense. In fact, New England’s scheme was taught to Brady by Charlie Weis back in his tenure as the offensive coordinator from 2000-2004. (The name of that offense is called the Erhardt-Perkins offensive system.) We are giving Bill credit for things as a coach that he shouldn't be getting credit for. I could see if the Pats won 6 super bowls with 6 different quarterbacks. Hell the perfect year to make a statement would have been 2008. Remember in 2008 Bill Belichick pretty much had the same team that went 18-1 the previous year and they didn't even make the playoffs without 12 that season. Bill is the greatest coach of all time. But what that means is he is the greatest of all time at being able to get out the way of the players and greatest at communicating what he sees and making adjustments accordingly. Every adjustment hasn't worked (see the benching of Malcolm Butler in the loss to the Eagles for more details lol.) Bill deserves credit but Brady deserves a bigger portion of it. We are talking about a player that has won 6 super bowls and 4 super bowl MVPs in the process. Tom Brady consistently puts his team in a position to win. After 9 super bowl appearances and 6 wins let's just give Brady and Belichick credit individually and collectively. But I want you to always remember this saying..... Rexes and Joes over X's and O's.... #sotru #viewsfromthe22

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