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Power Rankings Vol. 2

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Tier 1: 1-8

Tier 2: 9-14

Tier 3: 15-27

Tier 4: 28-32

  1. Ravens- I had a hard time deciding who the number one spot should go to, ultimately the margin of victory in their games is why they got the nod over the Seahawks. My favorite part and also the biggest strength of this team is the offensive line. Yes, Lamar is obviously the MVP frontrunner but without these 5 road graders leading the way this team would not be the dominant team they have been in 2019. They got the beef, they got the defense, and they got the playmaker playing quarterback, the only question remaining is can he make the throws from the pocket when they need it the most?

  2. Seahawks- The MVP race is still very much up for grabs because of the play of Russel Wilson. Yes, he's made a few boneheaded throws, but he's also made several big-time on the money throws to have the Seahawks soaring at 10-3 so far. As for the defense, I think the identity of the 2012-2015 defense is back, now its a matter of the execution and the communication reaching the football field as well. One thing I know, I do not expect Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, or Jimmy Garoppolo to go to Seattle on a cold gloomy day in January and grind out a win.

  3. 49ers- Look honestly, this may be 1-52 the best team in football. They at the very least provide a strong case. The front four/five might be the most dynamic and explosive in football, the secondary is lead by one of the smartest football players ever in Richard Sherman, and offensively they have an identity and they have an offensive line to execute their identity. I just don't know if as a unit, particularly QB and coach, if they are ready to win grown men football games. The New Orleans win was impressive

  4. Patriots- Folks have been so desperately anticipating the cliff fall for the goat that they completely missed witnessing the greatest ascension to the top by any professional athlete ever, no cap. He's playing with guys who are incapable of separation and also incapable of memorizing the playbook apparently. Yes if New England ultimately makes it to February then obviously and presumably the number 1 reason would be the defense, but number 12 will be the 2nd reason. Every week this offense finds a small part of their identity as an offense, it's like they treat the whole 16 games as one big preseason.

  5. Saints- New Orleans is the most dangerous team in football for the 3rd year in a row. They have depth on both their defensive and offensive lines, they have big names in the secondary, they have linebackers who can take on blocks, tackle, and cover. They have a head coach who is tremendous at preparation and adjustments. They also have a 1st ballot Mount Rushmore caliber QB. But it also feels like they constantly have one other thing, excuses.

  6. Packers- Ultimately for this team they just have to learn how to play good football for 60 minutes. sounds simple enough. They have explosive ability on offense, a strong run game, and an opportunistic defense. The same formula they had in 2010 and 2014.

  7. Vikings- To me, the Minnesota Vikings are the biggest tease in football. The front 7 is wonderfully athletic and versatile and fast and just good at football. Completing the defense on the back end is a secondary lead by continuity, IQ, and physical play. As for the high priced offense lead by Kirk Cousins, well they finally have an identity. The ups and downs have been well documented but evidence would suggest Kirk Cousins and the crew are only getting started. So yeah, they are the biggest tease in football, because in the end, they will fall way short of their expectations.

  8. Chiefs- The Chiefs are the Chiefs. In January, Andy Reid will have General Mahomes and the troops fully prepared to beat anybody in the AFC but New England. My favorite part of this team is their seemingly position-less secondary. Any team that gets healthy this late and starts to gel in this fashion is scary. Led by veteran Tyrann Mathieu and Rookie Juan Thornhill the Chiefs secondary allows defensive coordinator Steve Spagnolo t deploy a multitude of different pressure schemes and matchup in various ways due to their versatility. This defense would be very scary if only NFL offenses weren't allowed to run the ball anymore.

  9. Texans- To the football nerds reading this you are perhaps wondering why are the Texans and Chiefs head of the Titans when the Titans beef is significantly better. The answer is quite simple my dear friends, The Quarterback. Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes are gunning for the throne. Sure its Year of Lamar, but the next decade belongs to Mahomes and Watson.

  10. Titans- Typically people move to Miami to try to make a better life, not move out. And yet that's precisely how it unfolded for Ryan Tannehill. We know who Tannehill is as a quarterback. He isn't a tier 1 or even tier 2, but with the right pieces around him, he can win a few games. Tennesee is a bad matchup for anyone, simply because of their ability to control the line of scrimmage. As complex and sophisticated as football has evolved to, its still a simple game: Move people and don't get moved.

  11. Bills- I indeed call them imaginary players. Meaning they advertise as platinum although they just silver. But time will reveal the real buffalo bills.

  12. Steelers- The defense is absolutely tremendous, we know that. The problem is with the offense. Replacing Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell was going to be hard enough, the last thing they needed was the loss of Big Ben. It now rests on the shoulder of Devlin Duck Hodges to lead this offense and find a way to move the ball. Can the Duck quack the code?

  13. Rams- The Los Angeles Rams will leave us wondering "what if?"

  14. Eagles- This team is surviving under the roster structure of Howie Roseman and the heart of Carson Wentz.

  15. Bears- Average team. Not good, not bad, just average.

  16. Cowboys- 53 men gave up on their football coach. scratch that. One ofthe most talented teams in football snubbed by negligence in the front office, ah yes that's better.

  17. Colts- Speaking of talented rosters.

  18. Browns- We've hit the motherload of underachieving talented rosters.

  19. Buccaneers- Jameis is the problem and the solution.

  20. Broncos- This is a good football team that had no idea how to win football games, until recently. This team is trending up.

  21. Panthers- I mean at this point you would have to say the Panthers are overachieving. Cam Newton is the past, and while Kyle Allen may or may not be the future he has to be your present, meaning week 1 starter in 2020.

  22. Jaguars- Roster Reset mode in Duval County, and they may as well reset the whole coaching staff while they're at it.

  23. Raiders- Shut the lights off time in Oakland. Sad to see a great NFL city lose its team, perhaps the Raiders organization should keep Derek Carr in Oakland to show gratitude to the city.

  24. Chargers- I can't stand this team, but the last 5 minutes of their games are always fun to watch

  25. Lions- Detroit Football seems destined for endless football misery.

  26. Cardinals- And this team seems destined for endless heartbreak, Kyler Murray is going to be good. But perhaps not good enough. Time will tell.

  27. Falcons- Remember when Matt Ryan was MVP?

  28. Jets- LeVeon bowling a 251 off the flu is the most impressive and noteworthy thing of the football jets season.

  29. Dolphins- Credit must be given where credit is due, Brian Flores is lowkey pulling off the job of the century having this team play this hard.

  30. Redskins- This team gets credit for nothing, boo this man boooooo!!!

  31. Giants- Seriously, has there ever been a coach who looks so underqualified and so over his head more than Pat Shurmur. How does he keep getting a job as an NFL Head Coach?? This has to be the final stop. He has no idea how to gameplan, make adjustments, or handle clock management. He is NOT GOOD at football.

  32. Bengals- Is it 9lwho dey or who dat? Who cares.

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