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Power rankings Vol. 1

VOL 2 will be released after week 12

1. Patriots- No exaggeration necessary, nothing less than legendary.

2. Saints- What this team did in Drew Brees absence was a statement to the rest of the league. Once again halfway through the season we are talking about the Saints being the most dangerous team in football.

3. 49ers- Most surprising team in football tbh. I expected them to be slightly above average. They have the most interesting run offense in football and on the other side they have the most ferocious pass rush.

4. Packers- MVP!! MVP!!! MVP!!!

5. Seahawks- Who mentioned MVP?

6. Ravens- The biggest flaw for this team is the amount of blitzing they have to do. The addition of Peters should allow them to cover better at the backend. Second biggest flaw, the Quarterback has to show he can make every throw.

7. Vikings- The Lombardi Trophy has the Vikings in the friend zone.

8. Cowboys- I still think this team is as dangerous as any team in the NFL.

9. Rams- Not your typical super bowl hangover. As a matter of fact, I don’t think there’s a hangover at all. I think this team is still going through an identity crisis. The 18 catches for Cooper Kupp and the reshuffling of their secondary mid season are the two biggest indicators of that. For this team to reach its potential two thing must happen, a) distribution of the ball on offense has to be better, everyone needs to touch that ball and b) the defense must have success playing man coverage.

10. Chiefs- Let’s be honest, Patrick Mahomes makes this team a contender. However teams were forced to find the Chiefs biggest flaw because of the explosiveness of the Mahomes led offense. They are amateurish in run defense

11. Texans- Deshaun Watson said he wants his MVP bid chief, I hope Bill O’Brien doesn’t ruin it.

12. Colts- Jacoby Jacoby!!! You know you know me!!!! I see you young man, keep balling.

13. Eagles- Ughhh, the potential this team has is aggravating.

14. Panthers- “I’m just loosening up my arm“ Kyle Allen.

15. Titans- “Arm been loose” Ryan Tannehill.

16. Jaguars- “Duval Special” Gardner Minshew

17. Bills- Imaginary Players

18. Raiders- All Car(r)s come with a warranty right?

19. Lions- Matt Patricia fixed the run game in Detroit but broke the defense.

20. Chargers- They just broken

21. Steelers- Ben Roethlisberger will leave Pittsburgh on his own terms

22. Cardinals- For a team that isn’t very good, they sure are competitive

23. Browns- “Will you teach me to football?“ Freddie Kitchens

24. Bears- Chicago foobtall is in danger of falling down a sinkhole. Cap is tight, and draft capital has been limited. This is what happens when you overdraft a QB. The Bears would’ve been better off today had they just stuck with Mike Glennon, yeah i said it.

25. Buccaneers- Rough year out of retirement so far for Bruce Arians. I‘m confident Bruce will get one good run out of his team before he exits Tampa, I’m not confident Jameis Winston will be the Quarterback for the team on that day.

26. Broncos- It seems the Broncos used all their quarterback dues on Peyton Manning.

27. Giants- Speaking of dues on a Manning.

28. Falcons- Dan Quinn struck gold once, when he removed the dirt it turned out to be silver. His life hasn’t been the same since.

29. Redskins- “How not to run a football team” by Bruce Allen

30. Jets- I wish i could put this team at the 33rd ranked team. I didn’t even want to rank them. Throw the franchise away, seriously. Sell it, move it, put it on OfferUp. Do something, get rid of the New York Jets.

31. Bengals- Did you guys know the Bengals were still in the NFL? I honestly forgot.

32. Dolphins- On the field, i promise you, this is the worst team in NFL history. I do not understand how they can get away with blatant tanking.

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