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submitted by Daniel Dunn NFL WEEK 12 POWER RANKINGS-

32. Washington Redskins- I’m not exactly sure which front office is more incompetent, Washington or that green team in New York. Washington has been at a crawl for years, they won’t take any baby steps until they get a complete overhaul of management, including the owner.

31. Cincinnati Bengals- Zac Taylor still hasn’t sniffed out his first NFL win as a head coach, however, he has nothing to worry about. This is the team that held onto Marvin Lewis for what felt like forever. Oh, and they have some winnable games coming up.

30. New York Giants- The Giants need to stick to what they are doing, give Daniel Jones times, get Saquon Barkley healthy and and continue to build that roster. They’ll be good eventually, I just don’t think it will be under this head coach.

29. New York Jets- NFL Football purgatory. No seriously, all that talent on the field and they can’t get a front office. Washington Jets? New York Redskins? I think they’re the same front office.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- I like Tampa Bay, I think they’ve the got the right coach in place, I don’t think they have the right Quarterback in place.

27. Miami Dolphins- Miami is losing on purpose, that’s why they aren’t number 32. Very solid coach out of the New England tree, they just gotta add some talent and give it time.

26. Detroit Lions- Speaking of the New England tree, isn’t Matt Patrica a defensive coach? What’s going on in Detroit....

25. Denver Broncos- I don’t hate what Denver is doing. They have a solid defense, that’s without Bradley Chubb, they have a defensive minded coach and they’ve been in most of their games this season. They have a young solid back, young receivers and tight end, they are heading in the right direction.

24. Arizona Cardinals- Arizona has been the most competitive football team with a losing record that I’ve seen. Kyler Murray has been better than I thought.

23. Atlanta Falcons- Can I say this has been the most disappointing team in football? They have been for me at least.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars- They are what I thought they were, average QB play, no Jalen Ramsey, no Dante Fowler, no Telvin Smith.

21. Chicago Bears- The Mitchell Trubisky experience.... should have been over. The problem is, Chase Daniel is no better.

20. Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton? Kyle Allen? Who cares, Christian McCaffrey sure doesn’t. I’m sold on him, but I’m not sold on Carolina with Kyle Allen, not yet at least.

19. Cleveland Browns- My expectations for Cleveland were almost spot on. My expectations for Baker Mayfield were way off. I like Cleveland, they are finally, hopefully on the right track but they aren’t a real threat with Baker playing average football.

18. LA Chargers- Never trust a man with 8 kids. The Chargers continue to find ways to lose football games, led by that guy Phillip Rivers himself.

17. Tennessee Titans- We spoke on Jamies Winston earlier, but Marcus Mariota doesn’t get a pass. He looked really, really bad this season. Tennessee as a team, has looked better with Ryan Tannehill.

16. Philadelphia Eagles- I’ve never been sold on Carson Wentz, if you go pull receipts, you’ll see that. It doesn’t help that the Eagles offense as a unit is falling apart though.

15. Buffalo Bills- I like Buffalo, solid regular season team but they aren’t contenders. Not this year.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers- Pittsburgh for me, is the most underrated team in the league right now. The defense is sneaky good, and the offense has proven they can do just enough to win some football games.

13. Oakland Raiders- Atlanta the most disappointing, Oakland the most surprising for me. I predicted 8-8, however Jon Gruden has this team ready every week and they might be heading into Kansas City with a chance at first place in the AFC West on the line.

12. LA Rams- The Rams still have plenty of problems to figure out, and Baltimore isn’t going to help them. We’ll see what this team is really made of.

11. Dallas Cowboys- Dak Prescott is playing at an extremely high level and Dak Prescott is about to have an extremely high price tag. I don’t trust any team that has Jerry Jones or Jason Garret leading though.

10. Indianapolis Colts- The Colts are heading in the right direction, they aren’t ready yet but they haven’t allowed a 100 yard rusher all season and have one of the best lines in football. They aren’t going to go away easy, not with Frank Reich at the helm.

9. Houston Texans- Deshaun Watson... need I say more? I’m a huge fan of what Houston has going on. I’m not a fan of Bill O’Brien.

8. Kansas City Chiefs- Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes? Sounds perfect, the Kansas City Chiefs run defense? Tragic.

7. San Francisco 49ers- Kyle Shanahan is the mastermind that had Atlanta in the super bowl, the 49ers defense is legit. San Francisco has a tough stretch coming up, they are either going to show they are contenders or they’ll show they are pretenders.

6. Minnesota Vikings- Who knew all Kirk Cousins needed all along was to be called out publicly by some teammates? Dalvin Cook and the Vikings are for real.

5. Green Bay Packers- MVP, or should I R-E-L-A-X? Aaron Rodgers is having a bounce back year, he looks like he’s enjoying football again. Oh, and Green Bay actually gave him a defense this time!

4. New Orleans Saints- Could I ever doubt Sean Payton? Heck no! The Saints look good as always on offense, the defense has had a pleasant surprise in Demario Davis as well. Saints are contenders!

3. New England Patriots- Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Rob Gronko... oh wait. Not yet. Anyways, this might be the best defense New England has had in years, and I say it every year. Never bet on the Patriots losing with Bill and Brady this late in the year.

2. Seattle Seahawks- Russ freaking Wilson! Pete Carroll is another one of those coaches, he just finds ways. His team is not going away and Seattle looks damn good.

1. Baltimore Ravens- LaMar Jackson.... the man is a human cheat code. He can’t make all the throws... but he can make all the throws he NEEDs to make when he needs them most and that’s what matters and I never doubted his running ability, I don’t think anybody did. Baltimore has surrounded him with a solid defense, and offensive system. I’m not saying Super Bowl though, nobody beats New England twice and that’s who they’ll have to go through.

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