Not Finished Not Dunn Power Rankings

We are now in December football, if we don’t know who the contenders and pretenders are already, we’ll find out in December with a very tight playoff race shaping up in both conferences. Without further due, let’s get to it.

NFL Week 14 power rankings:

1- LA Rams They continue to win games, they now have Aqib Talib back who believe it or not is a very vital piece to that defense. They get one of their biggest tests of the year this week facing the surging Bears defense.

2- New England Patriots- Go back to my week 1 rankings and I said then, The Patriots will be the Patriots by December and well.... They are.

3- Kansas City Chiefs- With Kareem Hunt now gone, the Chiefs are going to fall off. WHO AM I KIDDING. The Chiefs are going to continue to score like they have, I personally don’t think they will miss Kareem that much.

4- Seattle Seahawks- The Seahawks are coming on with the league’s number 1 rushing attack at the moment and a defense that’s been playing disciplined football. Pete Carrol should be mentioned as Coach of the year.

5- New Orleans Saints- The Saints aren’t dropping far, the offense is just too high powered for the game they had last week to be a trend.

6-Houston Texans- The Texans are a 60 minute team with no glaring holes in any facet of the game, you could argue the offensive line but Deshaun Watson mask that more times than not.

7-Dallas Cowboys- When’s the last time you saw the two Texas teams in the top 10? The Cowboys have a legit defense; it’s time to see if they have a legit Quarterback. They’ve got a big division game against the Eagles this week.

8-Chicago Bears- I love this team but you can’t just throw anybody out there at QB and expect to win, they need “Mazda” Mitch back.

9- LA Chargers- What a comeback against Pittsburgh on Sunday night... I don’t see any way the Chargers don’t make the playoffs but I do see a way they win their division.

10-Pittsburgh Steelers- Pittsburgh would be in a better spot here if they didn’t absolutely fall apart on prime time Sunday night.

11-Minnesota Vikings- They are slowly falling apart but they show fight, they’ve got to get what they paid for out of Kirk Cousins in the big games like this past week.

12-Denver Broncos- They aren’t a great team but they are playing well the past few games and have the easiest remaining schedule, they really could make a playoff push.

13-Indianapolis Colts- They came out and laid an egg against Jacksonville, maybe they were too focused on this big one coming up against Houston? Their season very well may be on the line this coming week.

14-Baltimore Ravens- Winners of 3 straight, Lamar Jackson just isn’t ready for this much playing time as a QB. They have a tough task lying ahead with the Chiefs.

15-They looked like playoff contenders against Washington but it was Mark Sanchez, let’s see what they can do against the division leader Dallas Cowboys.

16-Miami Dolphins- The schedule isn’t all that tough and they are still in the playoff hunt. That’s promising, right?

17-Carolina Panthers- I don’t know where this team went so wrong but 4 straight losses has the Panthers on the verge of a new coaching staff.

18-Green Bay Packers- With Mike McCarthy canned, is Aaron Rodgers going to play a little bit better? They should focus more on next season and trying to fix the problems that occurred this year.

19-Washington Redskins- They are down to their 3rd QB in a single season, when do the injuries stop in Washington? Anyways, no excuses. Good luck in 2019 Washington.

20-Tennessee Titans- They saved their season in a game that they had no reason being down in the first place. They can’t afford another loss the rest of the way.

21-Cleveland Browns- Baker had his “welcome to the NFL” game last week against Houston. I still like this team, give them a couple years.

22-Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Winston looked good, he’s just so inconsistent. Will he be the starter next year?

23-New York Giants- The team is still fighting and the playmakers are still making plays, winners of 3 of the last 4 would have you thinking they would be higher than this but they dug themselves a hole early in the year.

24-Cincinnati Bengals- No Andy Dalton, No playoffs. Could this finally be Marvin Lewis’ last year?

25-Detroit Lions- The Lions season is officially over as far as playoff hopes go but the team still needs to show head coach Matt Patricia who they are.

26-Atlanta Falcons- It’s hard to decide who’s been more disappointing for me... Atlanta or Green Bay.

27-Jacksonville Jaguars- Sure they’ve got a top ten defense in every category pretty much and they are coming off an impressive win against a Colts team averaging 38 points a game right now BUT their offense is this bad.

28-Buffalo Bills- They just like many other teams, fight every single week. Josh Allen looks good, they just don’t have that much talent.

29-Arizona Cardinals- Steve Wilks 1 and done or did the win against the Green Bay packers save his short lived Arizona career?

30-San Francisco 49ers- It’ll be interesting to see what they can do next season, getting Jimmy G back and another offseason of building under Kyle Shanahan.

31-New York Jets- The Jets competed against the Titans but just like most other games for them this season, it wasn’t enough.

32-Oakland Raiders- The Raiders just are the Raiders. They continue to find ways to lose. Hopefully for their sake they get going next season with Gruden locked into a 100 million dollar deal.

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