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By Daniel Dunn (@danieldunn._)

There are a lot of very good young talented players and teams for the years to come, a lot of good young QBs as well. The NFC is jam packed and in for a thrilling and historic finish down the stretch. Below are my power rankings fresh out of week 8:

NFL Power Rankings

1. LA Rams- Another week, another win. It's tough to see this squad as anything short of Super Bowl favorites. They’ve shown that they can win each way defeating Green Bay this week.

2. New England Patriots- After a slow start to the season the Patriots are once again looking like the team we knew they would, as long as Bill and Brady are in NE, I’ll never doubt them and they are fun to watch.

3. Carolina Panthers- Norv Turner has been a Godsend for Cam and the Panthers offense. In a crowded NFC playoff picture, this is a team that has all the tools to be standing at the end BUT will they be?

4. Kansas City Chiefs- It’s hard for me to put them at 4 with all the offensive weapons they have and how well they’ve been playing. Patrick Mahomes is on fire and has shown no sign of slowing down but the defense isn’t where it needs to be and Andy Reid is still the head coach.

5. New Orleans Saints- You could really flip my 5 and my 6. I spent so much time switching these two before sticking with Drew Brees and the Saints. I just like what they have going. Brees continues to get better with age, Alvin Kamara has looked good all year, Ingram has rejoined the backfield after serving his suspension, and they have the number 1 rushing defense in the league.

6. Minnesota Vikings- Adam Thielen has now broken the record for most consecutive 100 yard games in a season. Kirk Cousins continues to improve as he gets more comfortable with his new team. Minnesota seems to be gaining confidence as we hit the second half stretch. There is so much talent jam packed in the NFC.

7. Green Bay Packers- Another NFC team, The Packers opened as 8.5-point underdogs against the Rams for their Week 8 matchup. The biggest spread Green Bay has ever faced with Aaron Rodgers under center yet they put up a fight and were 1 play away from a possible W. They continue to show they can compete with the best in the game. This to me is easily the best roster Green Bay has had since the Super Bowl run.

8. LA Chargers- The Chargers only two losses on the season came against two of the top 5 teams in the Chiefs and the Rams. Phillip Rivers is easily one of the most underrated QBs in the league; I think this team could make some noise come late in the season.

9. Baltimore Ravens- Justin Tucker's first career missed extra point came at the worst possible time and wound up costing the Ravens a chance to win in overtime last week. Baltimore started out strong but has been slowed in recent weeks. We know what they can do though which is why they remain in my top 10.

10. Cincinnati Bengals- I still like this team, they still have a strong offensive unit after scoring 21 points in every game but last week in Kansas City. They are missing a few key guys on defense now too. I can’t put them any better than 10 from here on out until they get a playoff win.

11. Seattle Seahawks- The Seahawks have been up-and-down all season, but looked as dominant as they have in the past few years coming off a big win last week and another this week in Detroit. Look for them to continue to build on their recent found success.

12. Philadelphia Eagles- After getting caught celebrating a bit too early, the Eagles blew a 17-point lead to the Panthers at home last week, they bounced back against the Jaguars this week who just continue to implode.

13. Chicago Bears- the Bears are just a few plays away from being up there with the top teams in the league this year. Just give em some time.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers offense is looking good with Connor, the defense not so much; but you can’t help to wonder, The bye week has come and gone... where's #26?

15. Washington Redskins- Washington is off to a hot start. With a good rushing attack and the win over the Giants in Week 8, they have a commanding lead in the NFC East that is still hard to tell where it’s going to end.

16. Houston Texans- The Houston Texans have now won five straight games after a 0-3 start to the season, and find themselves leading big in the surprisingly bad AFC South.

17. Detroit Lions- After years without a 100-yard rusher, the Detroit Lions look like they've finally established something there. If Matt Stafford can get the passing game going and Snacks Harrison can help the Lions get the defense a spark, Detroit may not be outside the top 15 come later in the season.

18. Denver Broncos- The Denver Broncos were able to stop a four-game skid with a dominant performance over the Cardinals last week, they built off that and played a good one in Kansas City. Denver isn’t as bad as advertised but they’re free falling and need to get a grip, quickly!

19. Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jaguars' offense is in a bad spot, putting up just 28 points total over the past four weeks combined. The team is starting to get desperate and it’s showing.

20. Tennessee Titans- The risky play-calling of head coach Mike Vrabel came back to bite the Titans on Sunday, failing twice on a two-point conversion attempt to lose to the Chargers in London. The Titans have now lost 4 straight after a great start to the season. Mike Vrabel’s bad coaching decisions need to change, along with the direction of his team or he may be a one and done.

21. Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys have been one of the worst passing teams in football to start the 2018 season. Can Amari Cooper start playing like his old self and provide the help they need? I’m just not sure it’s going to be enough.

22. Miami Dolphins- Don’t let their winning record fool you, things in Miami look like a train wreck right now, with Brock Osweiler doing his best to keep the offense moving and head coach Adam Gase refusing to make changes on bad terms with some of his players, the team may be in a crucial spot to continue to get worse.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers did just enough to hold off the Browns in overtime in Week 7, then came the benching of Jameis, The Buccaneers are inconsistent and it’s not going to help in an uphill battle against the Saints and Panthers if they hope to compete in the NFC South.

24. Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck continues to improve each week; the offensive line hasn’t allowed a sack in 17 quarters. Marlon Mack rushed for 126 yards last week and 139 this week. The Colts are starting to put it all together... look out.

25. Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons have won two straight, but have a long way to go before their season is turned around. They are still looking up from fourth place in an NFC South division that's loaded with talent and going to be next to impossible to get back into.

26. New York Jets- Sam Darnold struggled against the Vikings defense last week throwing for just 206 yards, 1 touchdown, and 3 interceptions. His job wasn’t any easier against Chicago this week. New York has a bright future but it’s not here yet and neither are they. This team will change a lot over the next few years.

27. Cleveland Browns- No team has ever had more than five overtime games in a single season, The Browns already have four. That explains the season for them thus far. They need a whole new coaching staff and a whole new mindset. They have the talent IMO.

28. Oakland Raiders- The only thing going half way right in Oakland is Derek Carr. He still has plenty of potential, I don’t like Jon Gruden as a Head Coach in today’s game but I can’t deny his offensive play calls have been special and have helped Carr a lot. Oakland just isn’t a very good team.

29. Arizona Cardinals- The Cardinals just got their first win of the season three weeks ago against the 49ers, and now they got their second win of the season against the 49ers. The season is young, but this game had some big factors for when it comes to draft position. Arizona just might have a promising future with Rosen behind center.

30. SF 49ers- The 49ers came out flat on Sunday for the second week in a row. This team could have something when Jimmy Garoppolo returns next year paired back with the offensive minded Kyle Shanahan but until then, they're better off playing for a high draft pick.

31. New York Giants- The only reason New York isn’t last is because the Bills are just as terrible. At this point, Eli should be playing for his job and New York should be looking at ways to acquire draft picks and young defensive talent whether it is from trading Odell or other assets.

32. Buffalo Bills- The Bills quarterback room is an absolute disaster. Recently signed backup Derek Anderson was hardly an improvement over Nathan Peterman, throwing three interceptions and losing a fumble in his debut for Buffalo. Lacking a better alternative, he'll get the start again this week against New England. The bills have talent on the defensive side of the ball but it doesn’t matter because they don’t have enough and are never in games anyways.

Mo Schefter's Power Rankings will be released Thursday 11/1/18 at Noon.

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