Midnight Views Wk. 4

There were 79 fumbles in week 4, at least it felt that way. There were 5 fumbles in the Lions Chiefs game, which turned out to be one of the better games of the day. Reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes made his much anticipated Dome debut and just as nobody predicted, he had zero touchdowns for the first time in his career. With September over, teams can now reset and begin to form an identity to their team. As we saw on Sunday, a lot of teams are still in crisis. Lets review:

  • Patriots vs Bills: 16-10. It's scary to think the Patriots defense is better than their offense.

  • Titans vs Falcons: 24-10 Matt Ryan is now 1-11 vs AFC Opponents in his last 12 matchups.

  • Chiefs vs Lions: 34-20. Patrick Mahomes continues to show growth, and that's scary.

  • Raiders vs Colts: 31-24. I think if you told the Colts they'd be 2-2 at the end of September, they would be happy with it.

  • Chargers vs Dolphins: 30-10. Do you know how Madden gives you challenges that are in Rookie Mode, the Miami Dolphins are real-life rookie mode.

  • Redskins vs Giants: 24-3. Jay Gruden has no idea what he's doing

  • Browns vs Ravens: 40-25. 40 points ain't too bad for an average QB, Ravens get a reality check.

  • Panthers vs Texans: 16-10. I trust the Panthers more with Kyle Allen than with Cam Newton.

  • Buccaneers vs Rams: 55-40. Endless Crab Legs at Jameis house after this W.

  • Seahawks vs Cardinals: 27-10. Seattle bounced back nicely after a tough loss last week.

  • Vikings vs Bears: 16-6. You should be able to sue a player if you pay them $84 million to rank 31st in passing offense.

  • Jaguars vs Broncos: 26-24. John Elway bought a Super Bowl in 2015, the Broncos, however, can't buy a win in 2019

  • Cowboys vs Saints: 12-10. The Saints are the second-best team in the NFL.

Passing Leaders

  1. Jared Goff (45-68; 517 yds; 2 td; 3 int)

  2. Aaron Rodgers (34-53; 422 yds; 2 td; 1 int)

  3. Matt Ryan (34-53; 397 yds; 0 td; 0 int)

  4. Jameis Winston (28-41; 385 yds; 4 td; 1 int)

  5. Baker Mayfield (20-30; 342 yds; 1 td; 1 int)

Rushing Leaders

  1. Leonard Fournette (29 carries; 225 yds)

  2. Nick Chubb (20 carries; 165 yds 3 td)

  3. Kerryon Johnson (26 carries; 126 yds)

  4. Chris Carson (22 carries; 125 yards)

  5. Frank Gore (17 carries; 109 yds) **became 4th player in NFL history to rush for over 15,000 career rushing yards.

Receiving Leaders

  1. Davante Adams(10 catches; 180 yds)

  2. Chris Godwin (12 catches; 172 yds)

  3. Jarvis Landry (8 catches; 167 yds)

  4. Robert Woods (13 catches; 164 yds)

  5. Austin Hooper (9 catches; 130 yds)

NOTE: Larry Fitzgerald tied Tony Gonzalez for second on the all-time receptions list (1,326)

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