Midnight Views Wk.3

In week 3, seven teams started quarterbacks they weren't intending on starting when they were in camp. 5 of those teams won. Teams are still trying to find their identity the first 4 weeks of the season, and in week 3 we saw a lot of teams under identity crisis, including coaches.

Winners highlighted in red

  • Bengals vs Bills: 21-17. The Bills are undefeated, I just wanted to take the opportunity to say that one last time.

  • Dolphins vs Cowboys: 31-6. The Miami Dolphins are improving.

  • Broncos vs Packers: 27-16. The Broncos defense has not recorded a sack or a turnover through the first 3 weeks of the season. At some point, Von Miller and Bradley Chubb have to come out the stables.

  • Falcons vs Colts: 27-20. Uhhhh, are the Colts a threat? Better believe it.

  • Ravens vs Chiefs: 33-28. Can't shoot yourself when Mahomes is gunning for you, Ravens beat themselves.

  • Raiders vs Vikings: 34-14. If there is any team taking it week by week, its the Minnesota Vikings.

  • Jets vs Patriots: 30-14. Business always boomin

  • Lions vs Eagles: 27-24. Eagles got 99 problems

  • Panthers vs Cardinals: 38-20. Panthers may have found their future, Cardinals still searching for theirs

  • Giants vs Buccaneers: 32-31. A glimmer of hope for New York Football Giants, somehow I still think Dave Gettleman will ruin this.

  • Texans vs Chargers: 27-20. Chargers may end up homeless, literally.

  • Steelers vs 49ers: 24-20. Football isn't always pretty, Exhibit A,

  • Saints vs Seahawks: 33-27. The weird things that happen at Seattle, happened to Seattle. Shoutout to Sean Payton and the Saints for the preparation and execution

Fantasy Leaders (Points taken from Fanduel)


  1. Russel Wilson (41.34)

  2. Daniel Jones (34.24)

  3. Patrick Mahomes (27.86)

  4. Jameis Winston (26.50)

  5. Deshaun Watson (25.84)

Positional Players

  1. Mike Evans (41)

  2. Keenan Allen (37.1)

  3. Mark Ingram (33.5)

  4. Alvin Kamara (32.6)

  5. Cooper Kupp (27.7)

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