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Midnight Views Wk. 15

15 weeks have been played, and majority of the league’s story will be written in week 16. Let’s review:

  • Bears at Packers: 21-13. If the packers want to win on the right arm of Aaron Rodgers I have no problem with it. But for them to be effective in January in the passing game Jimmy Graham has to become a focal point.

  • Patriots at Bengals: 34-13. This was a get right game for New Engalnd, but unfortunately they still have a lot to get right

  • Seahawks at Panthers: 30-24. Seattle is in the business of winning games, and business is booming!

  • Texans at Titans: 24-21. Players win them and coaches lose them, Mike Vrabel knows that now.

  • Dolphins at Giants: 36-20. Eli Manning gets a win and a well deserved standing ovation in his final home game with the Giants.

  • Eagles at Redskins: 37-27. Out of all the quarterbacks under the age of 25, Carson Wentz is the best of them.

  • Broncos at Chiefs: 23-3. Patrick Mahomes was hot in the snow

  • Buccaneers at Lions: 38-17. Jameis Jaboo Winston walked into the lions den and took a W Browns at Cardinals: 38-24. Browns fans have suffered enough, no reason for me to pile on.

  • Jaguars at Raiders: 20-16. Speaking of a suffering family base. Miserable finish for a one of the most celebrated fan bases in NFL history.

  • Vikings at Chargers: 39-10. Once again the Vikings dominate in battle, but the most important of them all lies next Monday night vs Green Bay.

  • Rams at Cowboys: 44-21. This was the Dallas Cowboys I picked to get to the Super Bowl in September.

  • Falcons at 49ers: 29-22. “You find out life’s this game of inches, so is football.”

  • Bills at Steelers: 17-10. The Buffalo Bills have 10 wins, and yet I remain unimpressed. You can me DM me on IG @Views_22 and present all the smoke.

Passing Leaders:

  1. Jameis Winston: 28-42 458 yards 4 TD 1 INT

  2. Patrick Mahomes: 27-34 340 yards 2 TD 1 INT

  3. Mitchell Trubisky: 29-53 334 yards 1 TD 2 INT

  4. Phillip Rivers: 28-39 307 yards 1 TD 3 INT

  5. Russel Wilson: 20-26 286 yards 2 TD

Rushing Leaders:

  1. Kenyan Drake: 22 carries 137 yards 4 TD

  2. Joe Mixon: 25 carries 136 yards

  3. Chris Carson: 24 carries 133 yards 2 TD

  4. Tony Pollard: 12 carries 131 yards 1 TD

  5. Nick Chubb: 17 carries 127 yards 1 TD

Receiving Leaders:

  1. Travis Kelce: 11 catches 14 This was a get right game for New England, but unfortunately they still have a lot to get right

  2. Julio Jones: 13 catches 134 yards 2 TD

  3. George Kittle: 13 catches 134 yards

  4. Terry McLaurin: 5 catches 130 yards 1 TD

  5. Allen Robinson: 7 catches 125 yards


  • Stefon Diggs leads the nfl with most 30+ yards receptions

  • Arizona scored 5 touchdowns in their first 5 trips to the red zone

  • The Chargers offense had 7 turnovers including 4 fumbles

  • Stephon Gilmore recorded his first multi interception game and now has 2 interceptions returned for touchdowns.

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