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The 100th NFL Season is officially underway. Week 1 had everything. Comebacks. bad tackling, one-handed INTs, a tie game, and the Dallas Cowboys offense integrating itself into modern NFL football all helped compile an action-packed week 1. But let's remember, its only week 1 The first week of the NFL season usually brings more than anything a sense of reality for most teams. All the hype from the off season, the optimism from the preseason, and all the outstanding reports from training camp no longer matter. Now its time for football. No more headlines. No more hype. Time for real football.

Packers vs Bears: 10-3 Packers- The NFL kicked off its 100th season with its oldest rivalry, and the score was very much an old school score.

Titans vs Browns: 43-13 Titans- Reality is often disappointing

Ravens vs Dolphins: 59-10 Ravens- The Ravens are not this good; The Dolphins are this bad.

Falcons vs Vikings: 28-12 Vikings- Perhaps the most impressive win in the Kirk Cousins era, and he only attempted 10 passes.

Bills vs Jets: 17-16 Bills- In the 100-year history, nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.

Redskins vs Eagles: 32-27 Eagles- It took the Eagles a while to join the regular season, but they soared once they got going.

Rams vs Panthers: 30-27 Rams- Sean McVay learned a valuable lesson in the Super Bowl on how to win games, and it seems the lesson was instilled.

Chiefs vs Jaguars: 40-26 Chiefs- Touchdown Mahomes lands in Duval County

Colts vs Chargers: 30-24 Chargers- The Colts have no Luck.

Bengals vs Seahawks: 21-20 Seahawks- There's no home-field advantage as advantageous as Century Link FIeld.

Giants vs Cowboys: 35-17 Cowboys- Dak Prescott didn't hold out for a new contract, instead he balled out.

Lions vs Cardinals: 27-27 TIE- Going to be a long season for both teams.

49ers vs Buccaneers: 31-17 49ers- New Tampa, Same Jameis.

Steelers vs Patriots 33-3 Patriots: The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus go round and round. all through the Super Bowl.


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