Midnight Views Week 9

Week 9 Takeaways:

· The Redskins and Ravens are in my pretenders category, sorry Maryland.

· Steelers look like they run the north as long as number 7 is playing.

· I have no clue who will play in February. I typically have an idea who’s gonna play in February by this time. However this time it’s blurry. This year there’s a strong set of teams in the tier 1 category and they can all realistically compete for the Lombardi. Tier Rankings to be released later this week

Falcons vs Redskins: 38-14 Falcons. Just when you think Washington can take the next step they have a typical Washington stinker.

Lions vs Vikings: 24-9 Vikings. Vikings needed to survive this game before their BYE week, they did just that.

Steelers vs Ravens: 23-16 Steelers. The 2018 Ravens are officially in the pretender’s category, and John Harbaugh is officially on the hot seat. It wouldn’t shock me if he’s fired during the BYE week

Chiefs vs Browns: 37-21 Chiefs. This game went about as you’d expect it to. Cleveland gave it a shot; ultimately the Chiefs are a far superior football team.

Jets vs Dolphins: 13-6. Bad teams, ugly game.

Bears vs Bills: 41-9 Bears. The only thing you need to know is Nathan Peterman threw another pick 6, but you probably already knew that.

Buccaneers vs Panthers: 42-28 Panthers. Carolina had no business letting Tampa back in this ballgame after leading 35-14 at half, but Cam Newton made sure the comeback wasn’t complete. Biggest test of the year comes this Thursday when they visit the big ketchup bottle vs the Steelers.

Chargers vs Seahawks: 25-17 Chargers. First takeaway from this game is the Chargers are starting to have a different feel to them. Coming down the stretch the old Chargers would’ve found a way to lose. A defensive touchdown ultimately assured a win.

Texans vs Broncos: 19-17 Texans. A win is a win. Texans found a way to win a road game and really that’s all that matters. Granted it was a missed field goal that handed them the win….but a win is a win.

Rams vs Saints- 45-35 Saints. The Saints controlled this game from start to finish. Alvin Kamara and the offensive line steered the Saints to a victory as they marched over the Rams Sunday afternoon. From the Saints perspective this was a very impressive win and makes them the favorites to get to February from the NFC. They now control their destiny and if the NFC goes through Bourbon St it’s hard to see another team celebrate a victory vs this football team. From the Rams perspective: There’s nothing wrong with losing to New Orleans in their building. The Rams next two games are vs the division rival Seahawks and then the red hot Kansas City Chiefs. In the words of Daffy Duck “it’s gutcheck time.”

Packers vs Patriots: 31-17 Patriots. While the game was built up as the two greatest Quarterbacks going head to head, this game had a bit of everything from special teams to ejections and everything near and in between. New England continues to roll behind stellar QB play and an excellent secondary. Green Bay, well same thing can be said for them…..as well as a good offensive line. It’s not out of the question these two will see each other again.

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