Midnight Views Week 8

Bill Belichick joined Don Shula and George Halas as the only coaches to win 300 games, and he earned it against the team where he first became head coach. A well deserved head nod to the greatest coach in history. As November approaches, contenders emerge and pretenders get exposed, let’s review.

Broncos vs Colts: 15-13. The Colts can win any game, any style, any Sunday.

Buccaneers vs Titans: 27-23. Another week, another Jameis Winston turnover, meanwhile Tannehill stays undefeated as a starter

Cardinals vs Saints: 31-9. Twas a Brees.

Bengals vs Rams: 24-10. The Bengals are bad at football, the Rams are good at football.

Jets vs Jaguars: 29-18. The New York Jets do not deserve to win a football game.

Giants vs Lions: 31-16. As it turns out Eli was not the problem in New York, a revalation to no one.

Chargers vs Bears: 17-16. Bears took a page out of the Chargers book.

Eagles vs Bills: 31-13. The Buffalo Bills are pretenders.

Seahawks vs Falcons: 27-20. Pete Carrol takes it easy on his soon to be assistant.

Panthers vs 49ers: 51-13. The 49ers are contenders

Raiders vs Texans: 27-24. The name’s Watson, Deshaun Watson.

Browns vs Patriots: 27-13. The boogeyman drag another victim

Packers vs Chiefs: 31-24. The Chiefs competed well without Mahomes, and if their defense knew how to get stops when it matter perhaps this game could’ve had a different outcome.

Fantasy Leaders

Aaron Jones 38.1

Mike Evans 37.3

Tevin Coleman 36.8

Latavius Murray 32.2

Cooper Kupp 31.5


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