Midnight Views Week 8

Week 8 was anticipated to be one of the best Sunday’s of the year in an already great regular season. The universe however, keeping with the theme of the year, give us an unexpected and rather boring Sunday. The only game that lived up to the hype was the Packers vs Rams. The Buccaneers vs Bengals and The Colts vs Raiders also were as advertised however those matches were on the undercard for Sunday. The two other games primed to give up 60 minutes of a heavyweight bout were the Panthers vs Ravens game and then the main event on Sunday night Saints vs Vikings. The Ravens looked outmatched and overwhelmed vs Carolina, and the injuries to three of Minnesota’s best defensive players including all pro corner Xavier Rhodes. Once they were announced to be out you just knew it would be a game where Kirk Cousins would end up chasing Drew Brees and give me Drew Brees by unanimous decision in that one. Perhaps the expectations were too high. But not all was bad with week 8. Odell Beckham had another highlight reel catch. Hurdles and highlights were plenty around the NFL and the best one coming from Kareem hunt. Below you will find the scores plus my midseason MVP nominee for each of the winning teams.

Eagles vs Jaguars: 24-18 Eagles. MVP: Carson Wentz

Ravens vs Panthers: 31-26 Panthers. MVP: Cam Newton

Jets vs Bears: 24-10 Bears. MVP: Mack

Buccaneers vs Bengals: 37-34 Bengals. MVP: AJ Green

Seahawks vs Lions: 28-14 Seahawks. MVP: Chris Carson

Broncos vs Chiefs: 30-23 Chiefs. MVP:Patrick Mahomes

Redskins vs Giants: 20-13 Redskins. MVP: DJ Swearinger

Browns vs Steelers: 33-18 Steelers. MVP: James Conner

Colts vs Raiders: 42-28 Colts. MVP: Andrew Luck

49ers vs Cardinals: 18-15 Cardinals MVP: Larry Fitzgerald

Packers vs Rams: 29-27 Rams MVP: Todd Gurley Honorary MVP: Johnny Hekker

Saints vs Vikings: 30-20 Saints MVP: Alvin Kamara

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