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Midnight Views Week 7

In the spirit of October baseball, Week 7 of the NFL had two walk-off touchdowns and a potential game-tying field goal that was just a bit outside. We also had Todd Gurley score a touchdown that ended up hurting his team. Biggest takeaway from week 7: I wouldn't mind Tom Brady vs Ben Roethlisberger in February. Let's review:

  • Cowboys vs FC Washington: 25-3. If I'm the Cowboys, I am trading for Ryan Fitzpatrick first thing Monday morning.

  • Lions vs Falcons: 23-22. Interim Coach, permanent Falcons. Matt Stafford throws walk-off touchdown.

  • Bills vs Jets: 18-10. Buffalo barely get by the Jets, but this is where the Bills concern me, I just don't think they have what they need to get over the hump.

  • Browns vs Bengals: 37-34. Baker throws game-winning touchdown to declare Cleveland the winners of Ohio for 2020.

  • Panthers vs Saints: 27-24. Panthers give the Saints all they can handle, but in the end they prevailed in perhaps the most impressive win of the season for New Orleans.

  • Steelers vs Titans: 27-24. Heavyweight 15 round bout and it came down to a kicker, who missed.

  • Packers vs Texans: 35-20. This is the Green Bay we know, and the Davante Adams we love.

  • 49ers vs Patriots: 33-6. Jimmy G beats the team who drafted him in convincing fashion.

  • Buccaneers vs Raiders: 45-20. Tampa played their first 60 minute game of the season, and this is the result.

  • Jaguars vs Chargers: 39-29. Justin Herbert is a baller!

  • Chiefs vs Broncos: 43-16. This game went about as we expected, Chiefs score touchdowns from all 3 units.

  • Seahawks vs Cardinals: 37-34. Game of the year nominee, Cardinals win it with field goal in overtime.

Passing Leaders

  1. Joe Burrow: 35-47 406 yds 3 TD 1 INT

  2. Tom Brady: 33-45 369 yds 4 TD

  3. Carson Wentz(Thursday): 25-43 359 yds 2 TD 1 INT

  4. Justin Herbert: 27-43 347 yds 3 TD

  5. Matt Stafford: 25-36 340 yds 1 TD

Rushing Leaders

  1. Antonio Gibson: 20 carries 128 yds 1 TD

  2. James Robinson: 22 carries 119 yds 1 TD

  3. Jeff Wilson: 17 carries 112 yds 3 TD

  4. Alvin Kamara: 14 carries 83 yds

  5. James Conner: 20 carries 82 yds

Receiving Leaders

  1. Davante Adams: 13 catches196 yds 2 TD

  2. A.J. Brown: 6 catches 153 yds 1 TD

  3. Tyler Lockett: 8 catches 133 2 TD

  4. Keenan Allen: 10 catches 125 yds

  5. Brandon Aiyuk: 6 catches 115 yds

Fantasy Points (According To Fanduel)

  1. Justin Herbert: 38.48 points

  2. Davante Adams: 38.1 points

  3. Tom Brady: 36.86 points

  4. Joe Burrow: 34.64 points

  5. Jeff Wilson Jr: 31 points

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