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Midnight Views Week 7

The NFL playoff picture is at pre-heat, the MVP race is warming up, Dan Quinn's coaching seat is on fire. Let's review

Raiders vs Packers: 42-24. Aaron Rodgers MVP campaign officially launched.

Rams vs Falcons: 37-10. Falcons have 99 problems and talent ain't one.

Cardinals vs Giants: 27-21. Surprisingly good game.

49ers vs Redskins: 9-0. Unsurprisingly ugly game.

Texans vs Colts: 30-23. The Colts built a super bowl roster and they are playing like it, including the quarterback.

Vikings vs Lions: 42-30. Here goes Minnesota teasing us with their potential again.

Jaguars vs Bengals: 27-17. Bengals out here looking like Garfield.

Dolphins vs Bills: 31-21. You thought you were gonna win, didn't you Miami? **inserts spongebob meme**

Chargers vs Titans: 23-20. "1,001 ways to lose a football game Vol. 2" By the Artists formerly of San Diago.

Ravens vs Seahawks: 30-16. Seahawks aren't supposed to lose at home in this fashion.

Saints vs Bears: 36-25. Teddy Bridgewater, take a bow.

Eagles vs Cowboys: 37-10. What if....just what if....What if Doug Pederson was a one-hit-wonder?

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