Midnight Views Week 7

Halloween is more than a week away but there was no shortage of spookiness in Sunday’s week 7 NFL action. The Titans risked it all and lost, the World Champion Eagles blew a 17 point 4th quarter lead at home, and the most accurate kicker in professional football missed a point after attempt to lose the game. However the universe has a way of finding balance, the Browns found a way to Brown losing in yet another Overtime game. Despite it all, the scariest thing of all from Sunday was the awakening of Aaron Donald, quarterbacks take cover.

7 Things From Week 7:

  1. Remedy Games- The Colts and Vikings both played in two matchups primed for their teams to exploit, and they did.

  2. Melvin Gordon’s absence only highlights his worth to the team, the Chargers should’ve blown out Tennessee, instead a questionable coaching decision by Titans HC Mike Vrabel gifted a win to the Chargers.

  3. The Eagles just don’t appear to want it this year. Something is wrong with this team and it’s not just X’s and O’s, blowing a 17 point lead at home in the 4th quarter only proves it.

  4. The Patriots have a lot of things that need to be cleaned up and none of it has to do with the offense.

  5. The Rams are an afterthought on a day like today, that’s how good they are.

  6. The Saints, Rams, Vikings, and Panthers are the best teams in the nfc

  7. The Chiefs, Ravens, Chargers, and Patriots are the best teams in the afc


· Titans 19 Chargers 20

· Patriots 38 Bears 31

· Browns 23 Buccaneers 26

· Panthers 21 Eagles 17

· Vikings 37 Jets 17

· Lions 32 Dolphins 21

· Bills 5 Colts 37

· Texans 20 Jaguars 7

· Saints 24 Ravens 23

· Cowboys 17 Redskins 20

· Rams 39 49ers 10

· Bengals 10 Chiefs 45

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