Midnight Views Week 6

Week 6 did not disappoint. I think some teams revealed themselves to be contenders, and others to be pretenders. Also, a little MVP talk at the bottom of this blog. Enjoy:

· Chargers vs Browns: 38-14 LAC- Browns looked overwhelmed vs surging Chargers

· Panthers vs Redskins: 23-17 WAS- Josh Norman revenge game

· Seahawks vs Raiders: 27-3 SEA- The Raiders are the Bad News Bears of 2018

· Bills vs Texans: 20-13 HOU- The Texans have been gifted the luckiest 3 game winning streak in history

· Buccaneers vs Falcons: 34-29 ATL- Atlanta home, Atlanta good

· Steelers vs Bengals: 28-21 PIT- Brown and Juju save Steelers season heading into bye week

· Cardinals vs Vikings: 27-17 MINN- Minnesota far from impressive vs much inferior opponent

· Colts vs Jets: 42-34 NYJ- Jets offense impresses for second week in a row at home.

· Bears vs Dolphins: 31-28 MIA- Osweiler threw for 400 yards. No that was not a typo.

· Rams vs Broncos: 23-20 LAR- Gurley for MVP

· Jaguars vs Cowboys: 40-7 DAL- Bortles for LVP

· Ravens vs Titans: 21-0 BAL- Ravens impress in shutout

· Chiefs vs Patriots: 43-40- The Sunday Night game we deserved, Pats edge Chiefs on FG as time expired.

Week 6 Takeaways

  1. 1. The Patriots are still the gatekeepers of the AFC, but the Chiefs may be the biggest threat to this team since the 2015 Broncos.

  2. 2. The Ravens are the second biggest threat to the Patriots

  3. 3. If I could, I would eliminate the entire AFC south from playoff contention after this week’s performance. The Colts can’t beat anybody. The Titans get shutout at home. The Texans nearly fall for the Bills trap. As for the Jaguars... well they let Dak Bortles put up 40 points.

  4. Throw in the Chicago bears as teams I wish to eliminate. You can’t allow Brock Osweiler to throw for 400 yards, and Minnesota is on the bubble for me as well.

  5. Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon will carry their teams into late January, maybe more. They are my first two nominations for MVP watch

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