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Midnight Views Week 17

The 2018 season has concluded....what a wild season its was. There were no shortages of surprises and upsets, and even a miracle was sprinkled in. Final Power Rankings, Blogs, and Podcasts will be released in the upcoming days....for now we'll do a recap and individual stat leaders for the 2018 season.

· Dolphins@Bills 42-17 Bills- Kyle Williams played his last NFL game, salute! Always good to see a player walkaway on his own terms.

· Lions@Packers 31-0 Lions- The Packers finished last in their division and Aaron Rodgers started every game....Tom Brady would never!! Lets leave this discussion in 2018 please and thanks, Management

· Jets@Patriots 38-3 Patriotst- Boy did this team finally look like a team we've been waiting to see, too bad it was against the abysmal Jets....who by the fired their coach.

· Panthers@Saints 33-14 Panthers- No Cam, No Drew....preseason week 5

· Jaguars@Texans 20-3 Texans- Jaguars culture is shot....Coughlin may need to cleanse the roster. First step, Quarterback.

· Cowboys@Giants 36-35 Cowboys- Not sure what was the purpose of the Cowboys playing all their starters for 60 minutes but I have no quarrel with it.

· Falcons@Buccaneers 34-32 Falcons- The Bucs fired Head Coach Dirk Koetter, first step towards progress.

· Raiders@Chiefs 35-3 Chiefs- Year damn one of the Gruden Era is done....Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack play next by the way Raider Nation...check the schedule below :)

· Cardinals@Seahawks 27-24 Seahawks- Larry Fitzgerald should be in Canton tomorrow....no need to wait.

· 49ers@Rams 48-32 Rams- The 49ers are probably the happiest about 2018 being over

· Chargers@Broncos 23-9 Chargers- "Hey San Fran, hold my beer" John Elway

· Bears@Vikings 24-10 Bears- #NoBeefNoLombardi

· Browns@Ravens 26-24 Ravens- #Beef

· Eagles@Redskins 24-0 Eagles- Is Nick Foles really bout this life?

· Bengals@Steelers 16-13 Steelers- Steelers have nobody to blame but themselves

· Colts@Titans 33-17 Colts- From 1-5 to the playoffs, once again if you don't see why Andrew Luck is good at football find a new sport to watch.....perhaps curling.

2018 Individual Stat Leaders

Passing Yards

1. Ben Roethlisberger-5,129

2. Patrick Mahomes-5,097

3. Matt Ryan-4,924

Passing TD

1. Patrick Mahomes- 50

2. Andrew Luck-39

3. Matt Ryan-36

Receiving Yards(Wide Receivers)

1. Julio Jones-1,677

2. DeAndre Hopkins-1,572

3. Mike Evans-1,524

Receiving TDs(Wide Receivers)

1. Antonio Brown-15

2. Davante Adams-13

3. Tyreek Hill- 12

Receiving Yards(Tight Ends)

1. George Kittle-1,377

2. Travis Kelce-1,336

3. Zach Ertz-1,163

Receiving TDs(Tight Ends)

1. Eric Ebron-12

2. Travis Kelce-10

3. Zach Ertz-8

Rushing Yards

1. Ezekiel Elliot-1,434

2. Saquon Barkley-1,307

3. Todd Gurley-1,251

Rushing TDs

1. Todd Gurley-17

2. Alvin Kamara-14

3. James Conner-12

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