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Grown man football is here, and week 16 unwrapped a lot of teams identities. Let's review:

Friday 12/25/20

Vikings vs Saints: 52-33. The Vikings forgot to tackle in this game, more embarrassing for Minnesota than impressive by New Orleans.

Saturday 12/26/20

  • Buccaneers vs Lions: 47-7. Yes, it was against the Knicks of the NFL, but the Buccaneers win on Saturday was more about them building continuity, consistency, and confidence in each other.

  • 49ers vs Cardinals: 20-12. The Cardinals were a major disappointment this season. Cliff Kingsbury needs to bring in a real NFL QB coach to teach Kyler how to play the position at this level.

  • Dolphins vs Raiders: 26-25. "You play to WIN the game!!!" One of the wildest finishes to a game I've ever seen.

Sunday: 12/27/20

  • Colts vs Steelers: 28-24. Steelers season seemed to be unraveling before our eyes, and then Ben Roethlisberger decided he wants to play football.

  • Giants vs Ravens: 27-13. The Giants are so far away from being a good football team.

  • Falcons vs Chiefs: 17-14. Raheem Morris has done a super job with this Falcons defense, too bad he can't improve Matt Ryan.

  • Bears vs Jaguars: 41-17. The Bears are on the low a scary football team, but I'm not counting on Matt Nagy to lead a team in the playoffs. Jaguars awarded number 1 draft pick.

  • Bengals vs Texans: 37-21. I echo JJ Watt's postgame interview

  • Browns vs Jets: 23-16. The Jets are on a winning streak! 2020 going till the clock hits midnight

  • Panthers vs FC Washington: 20-13. Dwayne Haskins needs to mature, and fast.

  • Broncos vs Chargers: 19-16. Justin Herbert sets rookie record for touchdown passes in a single season (28)

  • Eagles vs Cowboys: 37-17. Too bad Doug Pederson hasn't put Carson Wentz to play secondary, they might have to actually hold themselves accountable now.

  • Rams vs Seahawks: 20-9. Seahawks defense is coming alive, and just in time. Jamal Adams may be the best player in football not named Aaron Donald.

  • Titans vs Packers: 40-14. Packers dominated this game. Titans may have been exposed tonight.


Passing Leaders:

  1. Andy Dalton: 22-30 377 yds 3 TD 1 INT

  2. Brandon Allen: 29-37 371 yds 2 TD

  3. Tom Brady: 22-27 348 yds 4 TD

  4. Jalen Hurts: 21-39 342 yds 1 TD 2 INT

  5. Ben Roethlisberger: 34-49 342 yds 2 INT

Rushing Leaders:

  1. Jeff Wilson- 22 carries 183 yds

  2. Alvin Kamara- 22 carries 155 yds 6 TD

  3. David Johnson- 12 carries 128 yds 1 TD

  4. A.J. Dillon- 21 carries 124 yds 2 TD

  5. Ezekiel Elliot- 19 carries 105 yds

Receiving Leaders:

  1. Mike Evans- 10 catches 181 yds 2 TD

  2. Nelson Agholor- 5 catches 155 yds 1 TD

  3. Davante Adams- 11 catches 142 yds 3 TD

  4. Brandin Cooks- 7 catches 141 yds 1 TD

  5. Calvin Ridley- 5 catches 130 yds

Fantasy Leaders (According To Fanduel)

  1. Alvin Kamara- 54.7 points

  2. Davante Adams- 37.7 points

  3. Mike Evans- 35.1 points

  4. Myles Gaskin- 31.4 points

  5. Tom Brady- 29.92 points

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