Midnight Views Week 16

Week 17 is set to have more story-lines In the AFC then I can ever remember. The Patriots were buried in week 14 and the nail was put in the coffin after week 15, yet heading into the final week there is still a small chance the Patriots end up the 1 seed.

It’s unlikely however New England will be the one seed as they will need the Chiefs to lose to the Raiders and the Chargers to lose to the Broncos. The Texans can become the one seed if the aforementioned teams all lose. The Texans have bigger issues to worry about of course as they are at risk of dropping to the 6th seed if they drop a game to the division rival Jaguars. If the Texans do lose to Jacksonville, then the Season Finale between the Colts and the Titans will be for the AFC South crown. Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Steelers fate lies in the hands of the Cleveland Browns, who are suddenly the NFL’s Sweetheart. In the NFC the story-lines aren’t so juicy. The Seahawks clinched their spot with a win over the Chiefs leaving the 6th seed a two way race between last year’s NFC championship participants. The Vikings control their own fate however they have a tall task as they face the NFC North Champion Chicago Bears. The Eagles will roll into the nation’s capital where they must win to have any chance at getting in. It’s simple, Vikings win and they’re in…..Vikings lose, Eagles win…..Eagles in. Let’s get to the scores:


· Redskins vs Titans: 25-16 Titans-

· Ravens vs Chargers: 22-10 Ravens-


· Buccaneers vs Cowboys: 27-20 Cowboys- Dallas clinched the NFC east for the 4th time in 9 years.

· Vikings vs Lions: 27-9 Vikings- Vikings are playing their best ball late, but they have No Beef....and so No Lombardi this year.

· Falcons vs Panthers: 24-10 Falcons- No Cam Newton for the Panthers, Falcons had no choice but to win this game.

· Texans vs Eagles: 32-30 Eagles- What's cooler than being cool? Nick Foles

· Giants vs Colts: 28-27 Colts- #AndrewLuck2020

· Bengals vs Browns: 26-18 Browns- Baker Mayfield is Cleveland's new and favorite son, technically that other guy is from Akron.

· Bills vs Patriots: 24-12 Patriots- The Patriots had 390 total yards vs the Bills, 273 were rushing yards.

· Packers vs Jets: 44-38 Packers- Aaron Rodgers best game of the season and Sam Darnold didn't back down.

· Jaguars vs Dolphins: 17-7 Jaguars- Miami Dolphins secure another participation trophy.

· Bears vs 49ers: 14-9 Bears- Sadly, most of the Bears will come ugly....but a win is a win is a win.

· Rams vs Cardinals: 31-9 Rams- No Gurley? C.J. Anderson to the rescue.

· Steelers vs Saints: 31-28 Saints- The Steelers have had bad Juju this year (shoutout to Jerm SoTru)

· Chiefs vs Seahawks: 38-31 Seahawks- Pete Carroll= Coach of the Year

Passing Leaders

1. Nick Foles: 35-49 471 yds 4 tds 1 int

2. Aaron Rodgers: 37-55 442 yds 2 tds

3. Ben Roethlisberger: 33-50 380 yds 3 tds

Rushing Leaders

1. C.J. Anderson: 20 carries 167 yds 1 td

2. Adrian Peterson: 26 carries 119 yds

3. Sony Michel: 18 carries 116 yds 1 td

Receiving Leaders

1. Antonio Brown: 14 rec 185 yds 2 tds

2. Robby Anderson: 9 rec 140 yds 1 td

3. T.Y. Hilton: 7 rec 138 yds

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