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Midnight Views Week 14

Week 14 left a few teams reminiscing on "what could've been", and some others hopeful for what could be.

Colts@Buccaneers: 38-35. Could you imagine if Jameis Winston didn't turn the ball over, better yet....could you imagine if Andrew Luck was on this Colts team

Dolphins@Jets: 22-21. There were 10 field goals in this game.

49ers@Saints: 48-46. This might've been the game of the year, and simultaneously could be the turning point for Jimmy Garoppolo's career.

Lions@Vikings: 20-7. The Vikings handled their business, but their quest is far from over.

Broncos@Texans: 38-24. The Broncos were LOCKed in, the Texans were locked in last week.

Redskins@Packers: 20-15. This game should've never been so close, Green Bay is going to need a strong showing in the final month of the season to convince me they are a threat in the playoffs to the 49ers, Saints, and Seahawks.

Bengals@Browns: 27-19. Nobody cares that the Browns won, instead all we want to know is why Baker Mayfield thought it's okay to speak on another man's injury. We don't tell people how feed their families nor do we count another man's pocket, and Baker Mayfield violated both those things in one season.

Ravens@Bills: 24-17. Lamar Jackson kicking ass and taking ankles.

Panthers@Falcons: 40-20. I forgot this game existed...

Chargers@Jaguars: 45-10. And this one.

Titans@Raiders: 42-21. The Raiders would love to forget everything about this game!!!

Steelers@Cardinals: 23-17. The Steelers defense is best suited to stop Lamar Jackson.

Chiefs@Patriots: 23-16. We're on to Cincinnati: 28-12.

Seahawks@Rams: 28-12. The Rams are suddenly the most intriguing team in the NFC.

Passing Leaders

  1. Jameis Winston: 33-45 456 yds. 4 td 3 int

  2. Ryan Tannehill: 21-27 391 yds. 3 td 1 int

  3. Drew Brees: 29-40 349 yds. 5 td

  4. Jimmy Garoppolo: 26-35 349 yds 4 td 1 int

  5. Phillip Rivers: 16-22 314 yds 3 td

Rushing Leaders

  1. Joe Mixon 23 carries 146 yds. 1 td

  2. Aaron Jones 16 carries 134 yds. 1 td

  3. Nick Chubb: 15 carries 106 yds.

  4. Derrick Henry: 18 carries 103 yds. 2 td

  5. Austin Ekeler: 8 carries 101 yds.

Receiving Leaders

  1. Emmanuel Sanders: 7 catches 157 yds. 1 td

  2. A.J. Brown: 5 catches 153 yds. 2 td

  3. Michael Thomas: 11 catches 134 yds. 1 td

  4. DeAndre Hopkins: 7 catches 120 yds. 1 td

  5. Robby Anderson: 7 catches 116 yds. 1 td

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