Midnight Views Week 14

This game we love can be heartless. This odd shaped ball has a merciless bounce. What a day. I witnessed my first NFL game today, and it ended in the longest walk off play to end regulation in the Super Bowl Era. This week's Midnight Views is going to be a bit different as I have not yet gotten a chance to watch most of Sunday's action. I will look to write a blog about my experience at my first NFL game as in a lot of ways it's given me a new perspective on this beautiful cruel sport we call Football.

Steelers vs Raiders, Patriots vs Dolphins, and the Cowboys vs Steelers. What do these teams have in common? All three of these match-ups have had some great games from the past, all three of these match ups met on Sunday, and they all had bizarre finishes

Players win em’ Coaches lose em’

· Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger sustained a rib injury at the end of the first half that would leave him on the sidelines until about 5 minutes left in the 4th. Mike Tomlin thought he could survive the game with backup quarterback Josh Dobbs, he thought wrong. The Steelers are in no position to have a casual approach towards any opponent and it cost them on the road in the bay area on Sunday afternoon. Tomlin kept Roethlisberger on the sideline in hopes backup quarterback Josh Dobbs can maintain the Steelers 14-10 lead. The Raiders took the lead late in the 4th and Ben was back in. Ben, bruised rib and all, drove the Steelers down the field vs the abysmal Raiders defense and scored the go ahead TD, the Raiders responded and took the lead with 20 seconds left. On the ensuing possession the Steelers ran a hook and lateral good for 48 yards and set up a game tying 40 yard field goal attempt. The Steelers unfortunately watched their season slip away as Chris Boswell lost his footing on the game tying attempt and dropped their record to 7-5-1 . The Steelers are now on a 3 game losing streak and as usual questionable coaching decisions is one of the charges.

· The hook and lateral by the Steelers was nothing compared to what the NFL world witnessed hours prior in the Hard Rock Café Stadium in Miami. The Patriots had a 5 point lead with 7 seconds left in the game. The Dolphins had to drive 69 yards to win. There was no way Ryan Tannehill, especially with a hurt leg, could throw the ball 70 yards for a Hail Mary attempt. So why in the blue hell did Rob Gronkowski trout out to play safety in the endzone?? Here is the bigger puzzle, out of all the players to sub out in that situation you decide to sub out Devin McCourty?? Devin McCourty has been a captain for this defense since he was a rookie in 2010. He is also the same player who made an open field tackle on Frank Gore earlier in the game to save the touchdown. Belichick has made his fair share of questionable coaching decisions, this was among the worst

· The Eagles vs Cowboys game was a good ole fashioned NFC east showdown. The game ended up going to overtime. The Cowboys won the coin toss and drove down the field to inside the Eagles 25. They faced a 4th and 1 and in a daring call Jason Garrett rolled the dice when the field goal was all but secured….ball gets snapped, Zeke leans forward and picks up the necessary yardage. Fast forward a few plays and its 3rd and 8 from inside the 15. The Cowboys run a slant pass with Amari Cooper and Eagles cornerback Rasual Douglas plays it almost perfect. He jumped the route and got his hands in front of the ball, and then what seemed like a great play suddenly became a follies as the ball bounced off Douglas’ hands and ricocheted back to Amari Cooper as he walked in for the game clinching touchdown.

· Jets vs Bills- Jets 27-23

· Giants vs Redskins- 40-16

· Saints vs Buccaneers- Saints 28-14

· Patriots vs Dolphins- Dolphins 34-33

· Ravens vs Chiefs- Chiefs 27-24

· Colts vs Texans- Colts 24-21

· Falcons vs Packers- Packers 34-2

· Panthers vs Browns- Browns 26-20

· Broncos vs 49ers- 49ers 20-14

· Bengals vs Chargers- Chargers 26-21

· Lions vs Cardinals- Lions 17-3

· Steelers vs Raiders- Raiders 24-21

· Eagles vs Cowboys- Cowboys 29-23

P.S. Patrick Mahomes is the M.V.P.

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