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Midnight Views Week 13

Week 13 provided “get right” matches for Goff, Rodgers, Wentz, and Brady. Goff and Rodgers took advantage, Wentz and Brady didn’t. Let’s review: Packers@Giants: 31-13 Packers. Aaron Rodgers feasts on the Big Apple

Browns@Steelers: 20-13 Steelers. Duck Duck Goose!!!

Eagles@Dolphins: 37-31 Dolphins. How?

Buccaneers@Jaguars: 28-11 Buccaneers. Nick Foles has overstayed his welcome in Duval County

Titans@Colts: 31-17 Titans. Ryan Tannehill is the only Ten I See in the Quarterback room for the Titans.

Jets@Bengals: 22-6 Bengals. Red Rifle snipes down the Jets while becoming the all time passing touchdowns leader in Bengals franchise history.

Redskins@Panthers: 29-21 Redskins. Riverboat Ron needs to row row his boat out of Carolina.

49ers@Ravens: 20-17 Ravens. The Ravens fly in any weather.

Rams@Cardinals: 34-7 Rams. This was a get right game for Sean McVay and Jared Goff, let’s see if they can finish the season strong.

Chargers@Broncos: 23-20 Broncos. Lock might end up securing Elway’s job.

Raiders@Chiefs: 40-9 Chiefs. You fall for the trap, and follow that up with your worst performance of the year in the biggest game of the year, highly disappointed in Oakland.

Patriots@Texans: 28-22 Texans. DeShaun Watson is keeping the MVP conversation very entertaining.

Passing Leaders

-Jared Goff: 32-43, 424 yards, 2 TD

-Ryan Fitzpatrick: 27-39, 365 yards, 3 TD 1 INT

-Dak Prescott(Thursday): 32-49, 355 yards, 2 TD 1 INT

-Mitchell Trubisky(Thursday): 29-38 338 yards 3 TD 1 INT

-Tom Brady: 24-47, 326 yards, 3 TD 1 INT

Rushing Leaders

-Derrick Henry: 26 Carries 149 yards 1 TD

-Raheem Mostert: 19 carries 146 yards 1 TD

-Derrius Guice: 10 carries 129 yards 2 TD

-Josh Jacobs: 17 carries 104 yards

-Lamar Jackson: 16 carries 101 yards 1 TD

Receiving Leaders

-Robert Woods: 13 catches 172 yards

-DeVante Parker: 7 catches 159 yards 2 TD

-Kenny Golloday(Thursday): 4 catches 158 yards 1 TD

-Anthony Miller(Thursday): 9 catches 140 yards

-Alshon Jeffery: 9 catches 137 yards 1 TD

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