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Midnight Views Week 13

The first week of December is upon us and the NFL season is only warming up. The NFL weekend started with a huge upset by the Cowboys over the Saints. Sunday's action had some thrilling late finishes. Tarik Cohen tied the game with a touchdown pass, Packers miss a field goal that ultimately cost Mike McCarthy his job, Jalen Ramsey made a game ending tackle, and Charles Clay dropped a wide open, albeit slightly underthrown pass, which would've given the Bills the lead and the win. Views From The 22 Power Rankings Vol. 3 will be released later this week.

Goat Views

Tom Brady reached a few career milestones on Sunday:

  1. 508th Passing TD- Ties Brett Favre for 3rd most all time

  2. 579th Total Passing TDs- Ties Peyton Manning for most all time

  3. And lastly, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Cunningham eclipsed 1,000 career rushing yards.

Week 13 Recap:

· Bears vs Giants: 30-27 Giants- The two best throws in this game did not come from either Quarterback.

· Cardinals vs Packers: 20-17 Cardinals- The Packers are the most disappointing team in football.

· Colts vs Jaguars: 6-0 Jaguars- Luck's run ends in Duval County as he suffers his first shutout defeat

· Browns vs Texans: 29-13 Texans- Baker's welcome to the NFL moment.

· Panthers vs Buccaneers: 24-17 Buccaneers- "Hey Packers, hold my Pepsi." Ron Rivera

· Bills vs Dolphins: 21-17 Dolphins- Clay crumbles on potential game winning TD reception.

· Broncos vs Bengals: 24-10 Broncos- It's all going bad for the Bengals this year.

· Ravens vs Falcons: 26-16 Ravens- Lamar Jackson is nowhere near ready to be a full-time starting QB but they are 3-0 with him as the starter, a lot of credit goes to the beef on both sides of the ball.

· Rams vs Lions: 30-16 Rams- Talib allows the hunters up front a half a second longer to rush the QB, and that’s all they need on some plays.

· Chiefs vs Raiders: 40-33 Chiefs- Patrick Mahomes now has 40 touchdowns this season, and they still have four games to play

· Jets vs Titans: 26-22 Titans- The Jets scored no offensive touchdowns in this game.

· Vikings vs Patriots: 24-10 Patriots- The Patriots quietly looked like the best team in football on Sunday.

· 49ers vs Seahawks: 43-16 Seahawks- Nick Mullens threw for over 400 yards in this game, and they lost by 27 points.

· Chargers vs Steelers: 33-30 Chargers- When did the Chargers become a 60 minute team? Impressive win

Top 3 Passing leaders

1. Nick Mullens- 30/48 414 Yds 2 TDs 1 INT

2. Baker Mayfield- 29/43 397 YDS 1TD 3 INTs

3. Tom Brady- 24/32 1 TD 1 INT

Top 3 Rushing Leaders

1. Phillip Lindsay- 19 Carries 187 YDS

2. Josh Allen- 9 Carries 135 YDS

3. Todd Gurley- 23 Carries 132 YDS

Top Receiving Leaders

1. Travis Kelce- 12 Catches 168 YDS 2 TDs

2. Tarik Cohen- 12 Catches 156 YDS

3. Antonio Brown- 10 Catches 154 YDS 1 TD

4. Keenan Allen- 14 Catches 148 YDS 1 TD


1. Chiefs 10-2

2. Patriots 9-3 (clinch division with win next week)

3. Texans 9-3

4. Steelers

5. Chargers

6. Ravens 6-6

7. Dolphins 6-6

8. Colts 6-6

9. Broncos 6-6

10. Titans 6-6


1. Rams 11-1(clinched division)

2. Saints 10-2

3. Bears 8-4

4. Cowboys 7-5

5. Seahawks 7-5

6. Redskins 6-5

7. Vikings 6-5-1

8. Panthers 6-6

9. Eagles 5-6

"I scramble like Randall with his, Cunningham, but the only thing runnin' is numbers fam."

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