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Midnight Views Week 12

As the autumn wind brings in chillier winds we begin to separate the hungry from the frail. Let’s review:

Seahawks@Eagles: 17-9 Seahawks. Another week, another Eagles game that leaves me disappointed.

Lions@Redskins: 19-16 Redskins. I’m rooting for you Dwayne Haskins, sincerely America.

Raiders@Jets: 34-3 Jets. Raiders fall for the trap in the meadowlands.

Panthers@Saints: 34-31 Saints. Michael Thomas is the MVP of this team, thou shall not @ me

Dolphins@Browns: 41-24 Browns. This was an illusion, an apparition if you will.

Steelers@Bengals: 16–10 Steelers. 🎶Rudolph with your nose so bright would you guide the bench tonight 🎶

Broncos@Bills: 20-3 Bills. Frank Gore is the goat of boring players, I say boring affectionately.

Giants@Bears: 19-14 Giants. This was just boring, and borderline predictable.

Buccaneers@Falcons: 35-22 Buccaneers. Jameis Winston has 100 turnovers in 67 career games, it physically hurts to type this.

Jaguars@Titans: 42-20 Titans. Ain‘t no statues in Duval County for Nick Foles, he better get it together and quick.

Cowboys@Patriots: 13-9 Patriots. The Patriots make winning so simple; “Stephon Gilmore is the best corner in the football”, repeat till understood 📝

Packers@49ers: 37-8 49ers. Impressive win for the 49ers, embarrassing loss for the Packers.

Passing Leaders:

Baker Mayfield; 24-34 327 yds. 3 TD 1 INT

Sam Darnold; 20-29 315 yds. 2 TD

Jameis Winston; 18-28 313 yds. 3 TD 2 INT

Drew Brees; 30-39 311 yds. 3 TD 1 INT

Deshaun Watson; 19-30 298 yds. 2 TD 1 INT

Rushing Leaders:

Derrick Henry; 19 carries 159 yards 2 TD

Rashaad Penny; 14 carries 129 yards 1 TD

Nick Chubb; 21 carries 106 yards 1 TD

Devin Singletary; 21 carries 106 yards

Jonathan Williams; 26 carries 104 yards 1 TD

Receiving Leaders:

Chris Godwin; 7 catches 184 yards 2 TD

Jarvis Landry; 10 catches 148 yards 2 TD

Will Fuller; 7 catches 140 yards

A.J. Brown; 4 catches 135 yards 1 TD

Allen Robinson; 6 catches 131 yards 1 TD

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