Midnight Views Week 12

The weekend after Thanksgiving can be a let down, thankfully today was different. There were a few games that provided real juice. The Seahawks Panthers game was a thriller that had a bit of everything. In Buffalo we saw the Jaguars reach the 1 yard line, run 6 plays, and still miss the field goal.Also, Leonard Fournette threw a punch at Shaq Lawson and both players were ejected. The two kept going at it as they were walking through the tunnel in a scene that seemed straight out of the WWE, Buffalo home games seldom disappoint. In Baltimore we saw Lamar Jackson get his second consecutive start and this time the best run of the game came from the old dinosaur Terrell Suggs (Mr. Suggs, if you're reading this I say dinosaur affectionately). There was a Geno Smith sighting for the Chargers and it is more probable than not you're just finding out Geno Smith is on the Chargers. The Steelers traveled to mile high and Ben outdid Ben by throwing a interception inside the 2 yard line with a minute left. It was a good day in the NFL, unless you're a Packers fan.

49ers vs Buccaneers: 27-9 Buccaneers. So much for the Nick Mullens experiment. Sigh.

Giants vs Eagles: 25-22 Eagles- A little fight on display by the champs, I like it.

Patriots vs Jets: 27-13 Patriots- The Patriots have always said the season for them start after thanksgiving, they're 1-0.

Browns vs Bengals: 35-20 Browns- Baker Mayfield+Cleveland=Perfect Marriage

Seahawks vs Panthers: 30-27 Seahawks- The Seahawks reminded us all why for the last 6 years they have arguably the best 60 minute team.

Jaguars vs Bills: 24-21 Bills- There was more action off the field than on, what else is new in Buffalo.

Raiders vs Ravens: 34-17 Ravens- RUN SUGGS RUN!!! P.S. Don't look now but the Ravens can still win their division.

Cardinals vs Chargers: 45-10 Chargers- The Cardinals were up 10-0 at one point in this game.

Steelers vs Broncos: 24-17 Broncos- Ben. Ben Ben Ben. What are we gonna do with you?

Dolphins vs Colts: 27-24 Colts- You have to learn to win in the mud, and the Colts trotted through the mud to a victory.

Packers vs Vikings: 24-17 Vikings- Kirk Cousins basically eliminated Aaron Rodgers from the playoffs, money well spent.

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