Midnight Views Week 11

Week 11 is in the books. Thanksgiving is here. Which means it is time to flex your beef and find out who is who.

· Bengals vs Ravens: 24-21 Ravens. Lamar Jackson in his first NFL start had the most 2018 stat line of all time. 13 of 19 passing for 150 yards and 27 rushes for 117 yards. Yes, a NFL quarterback ran the ball more than he passed it.

· Titans vs Colts: 38-10 Colts. Andrew Lock.

· Panthers vs Lions: 20-19 Lions. The Panthers looked undisciplined, unprepared, and uninterested in playing football.

· Texans vs Redskins: 23-21 Texans. Washington suffered the most demoralizing loss in recent memory. In Colt we trust?

· Cowboys vs Falcons: 22-19 Cowboys. Cowboys defense is good, very good.

· Steelers vs Jaguars: 20-16 Steelers. The Steelers seemingly got a monkey off their back by beating the Jaguars. However, King Kong is coming to the big ketchup bottle in week 15 (Patriots at Steelers December 16 4:25 EST).

· Buccaneers vs Giants: 38-35 Giants. The Buccaneers do not have a QB, and the Giants have half a QB and an Odell Beckham. I'll take half an Eli and Odell to go please.

· Raiders vs Cardinals: 23-21 Raiders. Did anybody watch this game? I heard a Raiders tight end almost choke slammed Jon Gruden, perhaps he was in the Survivor Series spirit.

· Broncos vs Chargers: 23-22 Broncos. "1001 Ways To Lose A Football Game, Vol. 2" by the artists formerly of San Diago (Ron Burgundy voice)

· Eagles vs Saints: 48-7 Saints. The Saints whooped the Eagles so bad we may need a new bird for the U.S.

· Vikings vs Bears: 25-20 Bears. Kirk Cousins must've felt like Leonard DiCaprio in the Covenant the way the Bears were mauling the offensive line.

Week 11 quick views

· There were some really good perimeter and trenches matchups this week. Hopkins vs Norman and Steelers WRs vs Jaguars secondary was must see TV.

· The one thing I took away from week 11, great QB play trumps all….but we already knew that. What you may not know is NFL defenses are slowly becoming great again. Teams are adjusting to the new rules and a new wave of young remarkable athletes is emerging.

· This season is just getting good. Something tells me we are in for a wild finish including the AFC south, NFC north, and NFC east.

· Lastly, there was no shortage of bad coaching today. Riverboat Ron sunk the Panthers ship by going for 2 when being down 1 was just one example. Mike Zimmer had his team unprepared. Dirk Koetter continues to pour fuel to the QB fire he started and Marvin Lewis somehow someway still has a job. Players win them, coaches lose them....that was on full display all across the NFL.

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