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Midnight Views Week 10

Week 10 was filled with NFL action. Outside of the Ravens 49-13 beat down of the Bengals, every game was competitive. Towards the end of the early games we saw 6 consecutive game clinching or game tying drive opportunities. Week 10 also proved there isn’t one dominant team in the NFL. There‘s perhaps 4 teams at the top and then everybody else, and the Chiefs are included with everybody else. Let’s review

Chiefs vs Titans: 35-32. The lab said Derrick Henry would be the Chiefs worst nightmare, film over feelings.

Cardinals vs Buccaneers: 30-27. Cousin Bruce eats a W against his former team.

Giants vs Jets: 34-27. Back and forth “Battle of The Big Apple” goes to the Jets.

Falcons vs Saints: 26-9. Division games birthed the statement “any given Sunday”.

Bills vs Browns: 19-16. This game wasn’t about Cleveland, this game was about the Buffalo Bills being fraudulent!

Ravens vs Bengals: 49-13. We thought Michael Vick was a once in a lifetime talent, we were wrong.

Lions vs Bears: 20-13. This was a tough game to watch.

Dolphins vs Colts: 16-12. The Dolphins don‘t even know how to tank properly.

Panthers vs Packers: 24-16. The time is now for the Packers, the future is Kyle Allen for the Panthers.

Rams vs Steelers: 17-12. Steel Curtain 2k19!!

Vikings vs Cowboys: 28-24. $84 million baby, paid in full.

Passing Leaders

  • Patrick Mahomes: 36-50 446 yds. 3 TDs

  • Jameis Winston: 30-48 358 yds. 1 TD 2 INTs

  • Kyler Murray: 27-44 324 yds. 3TDs 1 INT

  • Daniel Jones: 26-40 308 yds. 4 TDs

  • Kyle Allen: 28-43 307 yds. 1 TD 1 INT

Rushing Leaders

  • Derrick Henry: 23 carries 188 yds. 2 TDs

  • Nick Chubb: 20 carries 116 yds.

  • Joe Mixon: 30 carries 114 yds.

  • Christian McCaffrey: 20 carries 108 yds. 1 TD

  • Aaron Jones: 13 carries 93 yds. 3 TDs

Receiving Leaders

  • Tyreek Hill: 11 catches 157 yds 1 TD

  • Michael Thomas: 13 catches 152 yds.

  • Christian Kirk: 6 catches 138 yds. 3 TDs

  • Darius Slayton: 10 catches 121 yds. 2 TDs

  • D.J. Moore: 9 catches 120 yds.

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