Midnight Views Super Bowl Edition

Rams vs Patriots: 13-3 Patriots

MVP: Julian Edelman 10 Receptions; 140 Yards

Super Bowl 53 was by no means a shootout…it was however a masterpiece

Heading into this game most of the predications from experts, the twitter-verse, and the guy waiting in line at the barbershop picked at least one of these teams to score 30 points. Vegas set the over under at 56!!! Points were expected in this one. I bet you if they ran this play through the simulator 1,000 times only one time will both teams combine to score less than 17 points….that one time just happened to be the actual game.

The Rams offense in two games this season combined for over 1,000 yards and 92 points…..they scored 3 in Super Bowl 53. In those 2 games in the regular season Gurley had a total of 250 yards from the line of scrimmage, he had a total of 34 in Super Bowl 53. For tonight the Todd Gurley mystery will continue and unless Gurley or the Rams come out with a full explanation all we can do is speculate. The reports coming from the Rams at the moment is it was nothing physical, head coach Sean McVay placed the blame on his shoulders saying he got outcoached. Make no mistake, McVay did get outcoached….but I do not believe that explains what happened to him in this game. All the reports indicate it was no injury and it was nothing physical….I am left to speculate as to whether it was something mental with Todd Gurley. I am certainly not going to speculate nor am I nearly qualified to speak on the mental state or mental health of a player, but that is what I am left wondering. I wish the best for Todd moving forward because his play the last two games are nowhere near indicative of the level of talent he is as a football player.

As for McVay, he was outcoached. He got punched in the mouth and had no idea what to do. We’ve seen McVay in big spots shrink before….we’ve seen him be uncomfortable and incapable of getting his offense in sync when they are in the mud. Tonight vs Bill Belichick, Sean McVay was in quicksand.

Bill Belichick has been under a lot of scrutiny from some members in the media including the Views From the 22 crew. Last year’s decision to bench Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl 53 left a bitter taste in the mouth of all the players, especially Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady, Bill Belichick owed a Lombardi to the Patriots, and tonight he delivered. The Patriots defense was a step and stunt ahead of the Rams’ offense all night. The Patriots secondary locked the back end down, despite losing centerpiece Patrick Chung, allowing Bill Belichick’s front seven to hunt like a pack of wolves. The Patriots had the perfect game plan for a full 60 minutes. This was truly Belichick’s finest moment in an already glorious hall of fame career. There will be a lot to digest from the all 22 film and we look forward to bringing it to you later this week live on YouTube!

In conclusion, Super Bowl 53 may have disappointed, but it wasn’t boring. It was a long thrilling game and ultimately the better coached team and the team with a larger volume of plays prevailed. When it mattered most Tom Brady delivered with a great drive in the 4th to set New England up to score the only touchdown. The last 5 years has been the most impressive set of football Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have produced. From the hard fought victory over the Seahawks, the thrilling comeback vs the Falcons…..and including the taste of bitter defeat vs the Broncos and the Eagles….New England has never appeared stronger as a dynasty. Tom Brady is the GOAT. Bill Belichick is the GOAT. Together they have produced the greatest dynasty in the history of football, and arguably in the history of modern day sports. They have been better than anybody else, and the proof is in the Lombardis.

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