Midnight Views Divisional Round

· Colts vs Chiefs: 31-13 Chiefs- As stated last week, a number of teams get exposed each year in the playoffs. The Colts revealed the Texans weakness last week, this week their weakness was unveiled by Patrick Mahomes. The Colts defense are still a few pieces away from presenting themselves as a valid threat, corner and edge rusher will be the number one need heading into the off-season. Salute to Andrew Luck for leading this team to the playoffs and even a playoff win after a 1-5 start to their season….now make sure you go sign Le’Veon Bell so you can finish the job next season.

· Cowboys vs Rams: 30-22 Rams- The Greatest Show on Surf shredded through the Cowboys defense on Saturday night nearing 300 yards of total rushing. The Cowboys in my opinion would’ve won this game with better QB play. Side note: Center Travis Frederick’s absence was noticed several times over the past season. The efficiency and dominance of the Dallas run game took a major step back this off-season and I attribute it to the loss of the All Pro Center.

· Chargers vs Patriots: 41-28 Patriots- Phillip Rivers is now 0-3 vs Tom Brady in the playoffs and two of those times Rivers had the better team. When the endless montage of accomplishments roll for Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers will be a footnote of guys who could’ve accomplished more had it not been for Thomas Edward Patrick Brady. One other thing, Brady believes the world thinks he sucks…it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, all that matters is he believes it. The Patriots are about to play in their 8th straight AFC championship game and Tom Brady’s 13th appearance in this game for his career. The GOAT set a postseason record for consecutive passes without an INT as well. It’s over folks….there’s nothing he can do to lose the throne. Let that hurt go and enjoy goatness.

· Eagles vs Saints: 20-14 Saints. Speaking of goatness, salute to ya Nicky Foles. Foles deserved everything that came to him over the past year, and he deserves every good yet to come. He will probably have a statue in the City of Brotherly Love.

Conference Championship

NFC: Rams vs Saints 3:05 PM ET

AFC: Patriots vs Chiefs 6:40

Early Look NFC: The Rams and the Saints were the best teams in the NFC all season, it’s only fitting they'll face each other in the conference championship. The Saints won the regular season match-up in part to a hot start by their offense and a slow start by the Rams. The Rams eventually made it close but the Saints hung on. Aqib Talib was not there for the first match-up; his presence will be a major factor as they attempt to slow down Michael Thomas

Early Look AFC: This was the match-up we wanted all along. Pat Mahomes has been brilliant this year, but the Master is coming to town. In the first game the Patriots won on a walk-off field goal in a shootout in Foxborough. The key to that game was Brady’s efficiency for 60 minutes. The camera constantly cut to Patrick Mahomes pacing on the sidelines as Brady orchestrates his “death by a thousand dinks” routine. Pace is the name of the game this Sunday in Arrowhead

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