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First power rankings of the year will be revealed this week, stay tuned. Let's review week 11:

  • Eagles vs Browns: 22-17. The Eagles are bad, Carson Wentz is bad, Doug Pederson is bad. The Browns are, ummmm, good?? Yeah, the Browns are good.

  • Patriots vs Texans: 27-20. Coach vs Student game, student wins.

  • Steelers vs Jaguars: 27-3. Steelers get through the trap part of their schedule and are now 10-0, next up is Baltimore on Thanksgiving.

  • Titans vs Ravens: 30-24. The Titans are a bad matchup for the Ravens and it proved itself again on Sunday, but the Ravens have some major issues that will continue to expose themselves.

  • Bengals vs FC Washington: 20-9. Joe Burrow is unfortunately out for the season, and it's because Cincinnati failed to protect their franchise...these are the results. Shoutout to FC Washington, who are still in the playoff hunt with a 3-7 record.

  • Falcons vs Saints: 24-9. The Falcons are the most unreliable team in sports, they couldn't even beat the right-handed Tim Tebow.

  • Lions vs Panthers: 20-0. Major credit to Matt Rhule and his coaching staff; No Teddy Bridgewater, No Christian McCaffrey, and they still won.

  • Jets vs Chargers: 38-28. Justin Herbert handled his business on Sunday.

  • Dolphins vs Broncos: 20-13. Drew Lock makes a big difference to the Broncos, Dolphins win streak comes to an end in mile high.

  • Packers vs Colts: 34-31. We say this every week, the Colts control the line of scrimmage matchup after matchup, this impressive win vs Green Bay was no different.

  • Cowboys vs Vikings: 31-28. Big win for Dallas, can they build on this moving forward is the question.

  • Chiefs vs Raiders: 35-31. You can beat the champs once, but to beat them twice is too tall a task for anybody. Good game for both sides, in the end Mahomes had the ball with the game on the line, and he delivered.

Passing Leaders

  1. Justin Herbert: 37-49 366 yds 3 TD

  2. Cam Newton: 26-40 365 yds 1 TD

  3. Patrick Mahomes: 34-45 348 yds 2 TD 1 INT

  4. Deshaun Watson: 28-37 344 yds 2 TD

  5. Kirk Cousins: 22-30 314 yds 3 TD

Rushing Leaders

  1. Derrick Henry: 28 carries 133 yds 1 TD

  2. Dalvin Cook: 27 carries 115 yds 1 TD

  3. Nick Chubb: 20 carries 114 yds

  4. Ezekiel Elliot: 21 carries 103 yds

  5. Antonio Gibson: 16 carries 94 yds 1 TD

Receiving Leaders

  1. Keenan Allen: 16 catches 145 yds 1 TD

  2. Damiere Byrd: 6 catches 132 yds 1 TD

  3. D.J. Moore: 7 catches 127 yds

  4. Adam Thielen: 8 catches 123 yds 2 TD

  5. Tim Patrick: 5 catches 119 yds

Fantasy Leaders

  1. Deshaun Watson: 31.36 points

  2. Adam Thielen: 28.3 points

  3. Justin Herbert: 27.74 points

  4. Keenan Allen: 26.5 points

  5. Taysom Hill: 24.42 points

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