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Week 3 was had a lot of points, a lot of comebacks, and a lot of the Jets continuing to be the Jets. Let's review:

Texans vs Steelers: 28-21. Pittsburgh is finding ways to win games and they are far from their best yet.

Bengals vs Eagles: 23-23. You know the rules by now: if you tie, you are automatically eliminated from Super Bowl contention in my book.

49ers vs Giants: 36-9. 49ers abuse New York in back to back weeks.

Raiders vs Patriots: 36-20. Patriots run over the Raiders for 250 yards.

Titans vs Vikings: 31-30. Titans fight through the mud and hand the Vikings their 3rd straight loss to open the season.

FC Washington vs Browns: 34-20. Cleveland may have found their identity, "RUN THE DANG BALL BERT!🗣🗣🗣"

Rams vs Bills: 35-32. Nobody remembers a comeback if you lose; Josh Allen continues stellar play as Buffalo fight off the Rams.

Bears vs Falcons: 30-26. 🎶Oh Atlanta, the whole day through, just an old sweet song, keeps blowing leads on my mind.🎶

Panthers vs Chargers: 21-16. In the word of Myron Jenkins, the sports gods are not smiling on the Chargers right now.

Jets vs Colts: 36-7. The sports gods have shunned the Jets tho, no other explanation.

Cowboys vs Seahawks: 38-31. Russ Wilson to Dak Prescott: Anything you can do, I can do much better.

Buccaneers vs Broncos: 28-10. Tampa played their best game so far, but they still haven't played 60 minutes.

Lions vs Cardinals: 26-23. Kenny Golladay is as valuable as any WR in the league.

Packers vs Saints: 37-30. The MVP race is going to be a lot of fun, and Aaron Rodgers is a big reason why; Saints lose 2nd straight game without Michael Thomas.

Passing Leaders

  1. Dak Prescott: 37-57 472 yds, 3 TD 2 INT

  2. Nick Mullens: 25-36 343 yds, 1 TD

  3. Justin Herbert: 35-49 330 yds, 1 TD 1 INT

  4. Jared Goff: 23-32 321 yds, 2 TD 1 INT

  5. Ryan Tannehill: 23-37 321 yds, 0 TD 1 INT

  6. Russel Wilson: 27-40 315 yds, 5 TD

Rushing Leaders

  1. Dalvin Cook: 22 carries 181 yds 1 TD

  2. Derrick Henry: 26 carries 119 yds 2 TD

  3. Sony Michel: 9 carries 117 yds

  4. Darrell Henderson: 20 carries 114 yds 1 TD

  5. James Conner: 18 carries 109 yds 1 TD

  6. Nick Chubb: 19 carries 108 yds 2 TD

Receiving Leaders

  1. Justin Jefferson: 7 catches 175 yds 1 TD

  2. Allen Lazard: 6 catches 146 yds 1TD

  3. Alvin Kamara: 13 catches 139 yds 2 TD

  4. Michael Gallup: 6 catches 138 yds 1 TD

  5. DeAndre Hopkins: 10 catches 137 yds

  6. Keenan Allen: 13 catches 132 yds 1 TD

  7. Tyler Boyd: 10 catches 125 yds

Fantasy Leaders (According To Fanduel)

  1. Alvin Kamara: 38.2 points

  2. Russel Wilson: 36.8 points

  3. Tyler Lockett: 32.5 points

  4. Josh Allen: 32.24 points

  5. Rex Burkhead: 31.3 points


  • Tom Brady had his 59th career 3 TD 0 INT game (extending his NFL record)

  • Phillip Rivers becomes 6th QB in NFL history to throw for 400+ TDs.

  • Russel Wilson has 14 passing touchdowns in the first 3 weeks (NFL record)

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