The more things change the more they stay the same. 8 straight winters, critics might not admit it but nobody in rap did it quite like I did it” HOV Brady.

Who Drew?

The torch wasn’t passed tonight. Instead the goat got redemption. Redemption for a place where he saw his knee get torn up, redemption foe a place that had the media calling for his head last time he visited: when it mattered most; when his team was in do or die, he did what Brady does...he wins. But shutout to ya young Pat. Played a hell of a game when it mattered most as well. I think my biggest takeaway from this game was how significant fundamentals are. I mean let’s call it what it is, Tom Brady is the greatest of all time because he’s the most fundamental and basic QB to ever play...he’s playing chess. When the pressure is highest, when the pocket is collapsing, when the windows are tightest, he is at his best. The ball placement, the subtle movement in the pocket, and the astronomical football IQ is second to none. When it mattered most, Brady stuck to his fundamentals....Mahomes didn’t. Instead we saw from Mahomes what’s been the biggest concerns for us at Views From the 22 and that’s his lack of attention to fundamentals. He gets a pass. Drew Brees doesn’t. He had plenty opportunities to close it at home and he didn’t. As we’ve seen; numbers are so inflated in today’s NFL...who cares if you throw for 350+ yards on Washington in October....what do you do in the 4th quarter and overtime of a championship game?? That’s the difference. Brees couldn’t finish the game. We can talk about refs all day long...but here’s my opinion: If you say there for 8 hours and watched both games and all you want to talk about are the refs, then you my friend are the biggest loser of this championship Sunday. The games were great, the emotions better and the endings perfect. This is why we love sports. It’s the greatest reality show on TV...and ultimately, it’s the only real, honest, and objective thing on TV. Thank you to all four teams...championship football was played today; and in the end one team scored more points than the other. You see championship games are sure as hell not decided on stats, nor by coaches, and least of by refs. It is decided by 22 men on a football field. Plays happen. The game unfolds. Emotion takes place. This isn’t a video game...there is a real human element to this game and it displayed itself magnificently in these two riveting football games.

NFC Championship

Rams vs Saints: 26-23 Rams- Rough ending in back to back seasons for the Saints.

Patriots vs Chiefs: 37-31 Patriots- Andy Reid finally completes a 60 minute game, too bad the game was 65 minutes


  • Patriots ran the ball more than the Chiefs had total plays

  • Sean McVay was almost a year old to the day when Bill Belichick won his first super bowl as assistant coach on the Giants

  • FEBRUARY 3, 2002 Patriots vs Rams Super Bowl 36

  • February 3, 2019 Patriots vs Rans Super Bowl 53

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