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What is life? The NFL is the best sport in the world (at least in the western hemisphere). The old adage goes “truth is stranger than fiction”. Nowhere does this ring more true than the gridiron. The Steelers can only beat Tom Brady once every 7 years; the Eagles play better when the underdogs mask come out, and Lamar Jackson ‘Wally Pipped’ Super Bowl winning QB Joe Flacco.


Texans vs Jets: 29-22 Texans. This was the mud game the Texans needed to win.

Browns vs Broncos: 17-16 Browns. Mile High Nightmare….many teams have suffered from them, not the Browns


Titans vs Giants: 17-0 Titans. A report came out today indicating Eli Manning is likely to be back in 2019….why?

Dolphins vs Vikings: 41-17. The Dolphins realized a week 14 win, no matter how miraculous, means diddly poo in this week to week league

Redskins vs Jaguars: 16-13. The Jaguars were not built for the long haul, and so an overhaul will be needed in Duval this offseason…..and it should start with Doug Marrone packing up the U-Haul. Okay enough Hauls.

Cowboys vs Colts: 23-0. Two games consisting of AFC south vs NFC east took place on Sunday. AFC South-40 NFC East-0.

Raiders vs Bengals: 30-16 Bengals. The most interesting thing that happened in this game came in the second quarter when in one play Carr in one audible name dropped Rihanna, Nolan Ryan, and Clayton Kershaw.

Packers vs Bears: 24-17 Bears. The most dangerous team in the NFC clinched their division today

Lions vs Bills: 14-13 Bills. The Bills have the most underrated defense in the NFL

Buccaneers vs Ravens: 20-12 Ravens. The AFC race is wide open, and the Ravens are a threat to beat anybody.

Cardinals vs Falcons: 40-14 Falcons. The Falcons have been looking ahead to 2019 for some time now, but this was a good win for them.

49ers vs Seahawks: 26-23 49ers. The Achilles heel for all Pete Carroll teams have been self-inflicted wounds, today was no different.

Patriots vs Steelers: 17-10 Steelers. New England is not a very good football team this year.

Eagles vs Rams: 30-23 Eagles. Big spot, big game, Rams lose again.

Leading Passers

  1. Jared Goff- 35-54 339 YDS 0 TD 2 INTS

  2. Deshaun Watson- 22-28 294 YDS 2 TDS 0 INT

  3. Tom Brady- 25-36 279 YDS 1 TD 1 INT

Leading Rushers

  1. Derrick Henry- 33 Carries 170 YDS 2 TDS

  2. Tevin Coleman- 11 Carries 145 YDS 1 TD

  3. Jaylen Samuels- 19 Carries 142 YDS

Leading Receivers

  1. Deandre Hopkins- 10 Catches 170 YDS 2 TDS

  2. Alshon Jeffery- 8 Catches 160 YDS

  3. Kenny Golloday 7 Catches 146 YDS

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