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The 2020 NFL Regular Season has ended. Week 17 may have been the most eventful, let's review.

  • Falcons vs Buccaneers: 44-27. 43 total touchdowns for the 43-year-old, Bucs put an exclamation point on the last 4 weeks of the season.

  • Cowboys vs Giants: 23-19. Neither of these teams deserved a playoff spot. Only person that deserves anything from this game is Dak Prescott, and that's his money. Pay him!!!

  • Vikings vs Lions: 37-35. It is time the Lions move on from Matthew Stafford, more importantly, it is time for Matthew Stafford to move on from the Lions.

  • Jets vs Patriots: 28-14. The only thing Belichick can still do without Brady is torment the Jets.

  • Steelers vs Browns: 24-22. Congratulations to the Browns who ended the longest playoff drought in the NFL.

  • Ravens vs Bengals: 38-3. I'm not entertaining this.

  • Dolphins vs Bills: 56-26. Or this. But shoutout to Josh Allen for passing for 4500 yards.

  • Packers vs Bears: 35-16. The Lombardi Trophy has reservations in Green Bay this February, will Aaron Rodgers show up?

  • Seahawks vs 49ers: 26-23. I'm not going to fault Seattle for needing 60 minutes vs the 49ers, if anything it was a good warmup for what lies ahead.

  • Cardinals vs Rams: 18-9. The Cardinals are by far the most disappointing team of the 2020 season.

  • Jaguars vs Colts: 28-14. Jonathan Taylor ran for 253 yards in this game, most in franchise history and most since DeMarco Murray did it for the Cowboys in 2011 vs the St. Louis Rams.

  • Titans vs Texans: 41-38. 2,000 rushing yards in a season in today's league may be the most impressive feat of all, congrats to Derrick Henry and the O-Line. BEEF!!!

  • Raiders vs Broncos: 32-31. Another impressive performance by Waller to close out a rather disappointing season for the Raiders.

  • Chargers vs Chiefs: 38-21. Now that that's out of the way, time for KC to start their season.

  • Saints vs Panthers: 33-7. Saints secured the number 2 seed, and a date with Khalil Mack next weekend....can't wait!

  • FC Washington vs Eagles: 20-14. I have nothing nice to say about the Eagles, this about Washington. Congrats to Alex Smith, Ron Rivera, and Team President Jason Wright.

Season Passing Leaders

  1. Deshaun Watson- 382-544, 4,823 yds, 33 TD 7 INT

  2. Patrick Mahomes: 390-588, 4,740 yds, 38 TD 6 INT

  3. Tom Brady: 401-610, 4,633 yds, 40 TD 12 INT

  4. Matt Ryan: 407-626, 4,581 yds, 26 TD 11 INT

  5. Josh Allen: 396-572, 4,544 yds, 37 TD 10 INT

Season Rushing Leaders

  1. Derrick Henry: 378 carries 2027 yds 17 TD (Longest Run: 94 yds)

  2. Dalvin Cook: 312 carries 1557 yds 16 TD (Longest Run: 70 yds)

  3. Jonathan Taylor: 232 carries 1169 yds 11 TD (Longest Run: 62 yds)

  4. Aaron Jones: 201 carries 1104 yds 9 TD (Longest Run: 77 yds)

  5. James Robinson: 240 carries 1070 yds 7 TD (Longest Run: 47 yds)

Receiving Leaders

  1. Stefon Diggs: 127 catches 1535 yds 8 TD

  2. DeAndre Hopkins: 115 catches 1407 yds 6 TD

  3. Davante Adams: 115 catches 1374 yds 18 TD

  4. Darren Waller: 107 catches 1196 yds 9 TD

  5. Travis Kelce: 105 catches 1416 yds 11 TD

**NOTE** Aaron Rodgers threw for 4,299 yards with 48 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions. He's the MVP of 2020

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