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Week 3. Just when we thought we had this alllllll figured out, here comes week 3 of the NFL. Let’s Review:

  • Saints @ Falcons- Score: 43-37 Saints. Drew Brees now holds the record for most completions in NFL history; the record was previously set by Brett Favre at 6300 passing completions. Drew finished the day with 6,321 completions total for his career. Oh, he also had a QB sneak walk off. Not bad for an old timer.

  • Broncos @ Ravens- Score: 27-14 Ravens. Perhaps one of the more complete games I’ve seen from Baltimore in a long time. We will definitely do a film study on this game this week in our Facebook group.

  • Bengals @ Panthers- Score: 31-21 Panthers. The Panthers were too much to handle for the Bengals over the course of 60 minutes.

  • Giants @ Texans- Score 27-22 Giants. Deshaun Watson is definitely going through his growing pains. Meanwhile the Giants found signs of an offensive life. Their next three opponents (Saints, Panthers, and Eagles) will certainly test whether they can remain consistent or not.

  • Titans @ Jaguars- Score: 9-6 Titans. Oof. Mike Vrabel has his team playing up to their potential. But this game was….oof.

  • 49ers @ Chiefs- Score: 38-27 Chiefs. You will not find two teams heading in opposite directions for the 2018 season. Jimmy Garopollo was carted off the field and according to media reports the 49ers fear he has an ACL and MCL tear. As for the Chiefs their young QB continued his unprecedented rookie campaign as the Chiefs win another shootout.

  • Raiders @ Dolphins- Score: 28-20 Dolphins. No man in history could use a time machine more than Raiders coach Jon Gruden right now. As for Miami, they look better each week. The real test comes in week 4 where they head to New England to face the surely aggravated Patriots. Can’t wait! **Bart Scott voice**

  • Bills @ Vikings- Score: 27-6 Bills. Lack of discipline leads to embarrassing loss for Minnesota.

  • Colts @ Eagles- Score: 20-16 Eagles. The two best Quarterbacks to come out of the draft the past 10 years went head to head on Sunday. Unfortunately neither QB was under normal circumstances. Wentz was in his first game back from a knee injury which ended his season. Andrew Luck meanwhile was in his third game back from “his career may be over” injury. Both QB's displayed in flashes why they were so highly coveted coming out of college and exactly what makes them special. In the end the better team won, however both these young brilliant QB's give both fan bases a load of optimism heading forward.

  • Packers @ Redskins- Score: 31-17 Redskins. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers seem to find themselves playing sub par on the road once or twice a year. As for Washington, Adrian Peterson could be the best thing to happen to the franchise in a long long time if he can keep up his play through December.

  • Chargers @ Rams- Score: 35-23 Rams. The Rams are the Lakers, the Chargers are the Clippers.

  • Bears @ Cardinals- Score: 16-14 Bears. The Cardinals were up 14-0 in the 1st quarter but that lead was gone and with 4:31 left in the 4th they found themselves down 16-14, and in that moment they decided to bench Sam Bradford and start rookie QB and first round pick(10th overall) Josh Rosen. It was one of the strangest benching of a QB I can recall.

  • Cowboys @ Seahawks- Score: 24-13 Seahawks. Earl has great audition in front of future team.

  • Patriots @ Lions- 26-10 Lions. Student beats Master. When was the last time Tom Brady seemed so disinterested in playing? Julian Edelman’s return can’t come any sooner.

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