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The first Sunday of the NFL is over and I can already hear the overreactions now. Let's keep in mind the game is 4 quarters long and the season is 4 quarters long. Quick recap:

  • Steelers vs Browns- Score: 21-21. What's Bell worth now? Oh and....Browns gonna Browns.

  • Bills vs Ravens- Score: 47-3 Ravens. "We'll just start Nathan Peterman." Play stupid games get stupid prizes.

  • Bengals vs Colts- Score: 34-23 Bengals. Amazing what having a 12 can do to a team, good sign of things to come for the Colts

  • Titans vs Dolphins- Score: 27-20 Dolphins. **this game is still in progress**

  • 49ers vs Vikings- Score: 24-16 Vikings. Score- Two teams who intend on making their presence known in the NFC.

  • Texans vs Patriots- Score: 27-20 Patriots. Texans continue to shoot themselves in the foot vs New England.

  • Buccaneers vs Saints- Score: 48-40 Buccaneers. Wait what happened??

  • Jaguars vs Giants- Score: 20-15 Jaguars. Not sure what to make of this game, I wish these two teams would've played in week 6 or later instead of week 1.

  • Chiefs vs Chargers- Score: 38-28 Chiefs. The Chargers continue to write the best book on "How to lose football games."

  • Cowboys vs Panthers- Score: 16-8. Panthers. The Panthers will be okay, Dallas not so much.

  • Redskins vs Cardinals- Score: 24-6 Redskins. Washington showed a flash of what they could be.

  • Seahawks vs Broncos- Score: 27-24. Denver fans still in shock after finally seeing some life from the offense for the first time in three years.

  • Bears vs Packers- Score- 24:23. It was the Khalil Mack show, until Aaron Rodgers rightfully reclaimed his territory.

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