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Midnight Views 

For the first in nfl history, 3 quarterbacks with the last name Allen started on the same day. For the first time in nfl history 3 quarterbacks with the last name Allen won on the same NFL day. Each team in the NFC north lost today. And lastly, the Washington Redskins and New York Jets both lost today. Neither of these franchises deserve to win another game. Let’s review week 9

  • Texans vs Jaguars(London): 26-3 Texans. The Jaguars couldn’t win one in front of their home fans. 

  • Bears vs Eagles: 22-14 Eagles. The Bears are moving on from Mitch Trubisky, right?

  • Vikings vs Chiefs: 26-23 Chiefs. Just when you believe in Vikings, they find a way to let you down. 

  • Colts vs Steelers: 26-24 Steelers. The Colts simply needed to play a disciplined and mistake free game, and they did quite the opposite.

  • Jets vs Dolphins: 26-18 Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins will not be relegated to the XFL.

  • Bills vs Redskins: 24-9 Bills. This game was irrelevant 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Titans vs Panthers: 30-20 Panthers. If comeback coach of the year was a thing, I’d give it to Ron Rivera. 

  • Lions vs Raiders: 31-24 Raiders. The Khalil Mack doesn’t look too dumb after all. 

  • Buccaneers vs Seahawks: 40-34 Seahawks. This was the best game do the afternoon

  • Packers vs Chargers: 26-11 Chargers. Uhhh, was this one of trading places day or something? 

  • Browns vs Broncos: 24-19 Broncos. The Brandon Allen era has begun, at least that’s what John Elway is hoping for. 

  • Patriots vs Ravens: 37-20 Ravens. Champs weakness gets exploited as Lamar Jackson enters the MVP race. 

Fantasy Leaders (according to Fanduel)

1. Russel Wilson 39.22 pts.

2. Christian McCaffrey 36.1 pts.

3. Tyler Lockett 33.7 pts.

4. Mike Evans 30 pts.

5. Jimmy Garoppolo 28.88 pts. 

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