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Top 2020 NFL Draft QB Rankings

2020 NFL Draft Pre-Combine Rankings

It's Joe and then there's everyone else.

Joe Burrow LSU- The new Joe Cool is elite in every category to play the most coveted position in sports. His pinpoint accuracy and anticipation is already elite as he is able to scan the whole field pre and post snap for great consistent decision making. Just judging from the outside looking in Burrow has a presence about him that is almost Brady like, as he single handedly changed the LSU program and College Football forever with a historic season.

Justin Herbert Oregon- So far Pre-Combine this is where it gets interesting. Herbert may be the next best NFL prospect available as we at Views feel his ceiling is low and his floor is high. Prototypical pro-ready size at 6'6, can go thru progressions comfortably in the pocket and deliver the ball with good consistent mechanics. Question is how big is his presence and how much does he love football as he is the opposite of Burrow in that aspect.

Jordan Love Utah- Easily the QB with the highest upside in this draft at an A+ for us. Question is will he get there? Elite size and arm talent with great strength accuracy, and smooth mechanics. Problem is consistency and decision making as he will put the ball at risk for turnovers and the stats show it. Very much a WOW player.

Jake Fromm Georgia- Another QB with high upside but very low floor. Competitive leader who seems unfazed by high competition. Smooth through his progression and delivery. Problem is average size and average tools make for questionable vertical accuracy and placement needed at the NFL level. Eli Manning???

Tua Tagovailoa Alabama- Where to begin? Absurd NFL talent around him that can create alot of YAC. Quick release that allows playmakers to make plays with very good short and intermediate throws, but at times has sketchy and concerning accuracy and decision making in certain points of games. Injury history is also a concern so pro-day workout will be interesting to see.

Jacob Eason Washington- Another very interesting prospect that can go in the first round. Top notch arm strength and arm talent with prototypical size as well. Arm strength into tight windows and is not afraid to let it rip. But pocket presence and timing is very questionable and will be interesting to see if it can be fixed with NFL coaching.

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