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After watching the film, here are my takeaways:

* New England will be fine. The turning point to that game was the Edelman fumble. New England was down 4 and moving the ball with rhythm and pace and then boom, 6 points the other way.

* Tom Brady did not have his best game. He missed some throws on Sunday including a third down early in the game, a fly route to Dorsett in which he didn’t step into the throw, and an opportunity for a TD with Dorsett in the red zone and the QB didn’t look his way.

* Patriots WRs are capable of separation, not consistently enough but nonetheless capable, however the weakness at left tackle doesn’t give New England the ability to run their offense the way they want to run it. Once Isiah Wynn comes back I expect to see more chunk plays successfully executed.

* Patriots aren’t confident running the ball at will, the absence of James Devlin and Rob Gronkowski is noticeably felt.

* Patriots front seven can be moved. Last week Nick Chubb averaged 6.6 yards per carry and on Sunday Mark Ingram averaged almost 8 yards per carry. While Collins and Hightower are strong and physical, there’s only but so much they can do when other linebackers are out of place and the opposition’s offensive linemen are coming to the second level of the defense with steam cuz there’s nobody on the defensive line that requires extra attention(part of the reason NE blitzes a lot.

* Lastly, Lamar Jackson belongs in the NFL. Lamar Jackson is a starting quarterback in the NFL. But I believe NE will be ready for him second time around. The linebackers in particular did not have a good day. Lack of discipline and lack of “do your job” football


* Patriots opponents on 3rd down entering Sunday-15.6%

* Raven were 5-10 on 3rd downs on Sunday night

* Patriots opponents red zone scoring entering Sunday-14.2%

* Ravens were a perfect 4-4 on Sunday night

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