Condensed Views

By Vic Junior

Some quick hot takes for Week 7 results before film study tonight: 1. Adam Thielen is the best WR in football today. Doesn't mean he's the most talented or the most skilled he is just PLAYING the best. Let's learn the difference! 2. Tom Brady = Consistency = Greatness= no debate 3. Not even the Giants coaching staff believes in Saquon Barkley between the A and B gaps to get first downs on short yardage situations and in the goal line. You drafted him, now use him! It's all tied to the series of questinabale calls by everyone in the Giants organization. 4. Which brings me to Kerryon Johnson and his 19 carries 158 yards. One of my 2 most favorite backs of this class that was drafted in the 3rd round. I'm pretty sure HE hit his gaps well and pounded the defense throughout the game to help win. Somehow NFL coaches missed that concept. 5. Baker Mayfield's WRs are going to hold him back from greatness if the issue is not resolved quickly. 6. And last but not least I wouldn't get to excited about the Amari Cooper trade to Dallas if I were a Cowboy fan. Let's keep in mind this is still the same Coaching staff and the same QB who has regressed. Amari is a route running technician but his hands are still inconsistent and Dak struggles with placement and touch. Furthermore, they are going to need a lot of time together to get acclimated. Take a deep breath and chill Cowboy fans


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