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Cocos Corner Week 9

Week 9 Film Study

For this week’s study I’m going to dedicate it all to the big guys up front. There’s been many Offensive Linemen playing well throughout the season, especially in Week 9, so for this week we will honor the guys who are arguably the 2nd most important group after the QB in any football team. The road graters are constantly overlooked but without this group none of the skill positions will be able to do their respective jobs, including the QBS. No Beef No Lombardi

Brandon Brooks RG Eagles

I’ll begin this study with Eagles RG Brandon Brooks, who is arguably playing the best football on the offensive line through week 9. At 6’5” 335 Brooks was drafted by the Texans where he played for 4 seasons and joined the Eagles in 2016. Since then he has started almost every game, only missing 2 due to injury. His best seasons have been with the Eagles where he was invited to his first Pro Bowl for the Eagles Super Bowl run of 2017. So far 2019 has been no different, even though the Eagles as a whole have struggled, Brooks has executed his responsibilities the best. In Week 9 against the Bears Brooks was his usual dominant self against a very talented Bears front 7. Although the Bears got 4 sacks, Brooks allowed zero sacks and zero pressures in 45 pass snaps. Brooks is a well-rounded Guard that has a great combination of size, strength, and quickness, and can show those traits in both run and pass blocking. He has quick feet to mirror pass rushes and getting in space for screens and pulling assignments in the run game. The Eagles use primarily a zone blocking scheme and it allows Brooks to show his strength and quickness. During the 1st quarter the Eaglws ran an outside zone, Brooks engaged with the DT moving him off the ball and with one arm pushed away the incoming linebacker from penetrating one of the gaps and making a play on the ball carrier. It’s definitely fun to watch Brooks on film if you are a fan of the big guys up front.

Richie Incognito LG Raiders

Raiders much maligned Left Guard Richie Incognito joined the Raiders for the 2019 season after not playing in 2018 and has shown that at age 36 he still has what it takes to play in the NFL. So far thru Week 9 the Raiders are 6th in the NFL in rushing yards per game with 136..4 and 15th in passing yards per game with 245.2, Incognito plays a big role in helping this offense improve from 2018. Incognito seems to enjoy run blocking the most as he is probably the most aggressive and angriest player on the field, and it’s obvious not only by the ranking but by the off-field things he had been in trouble for. He’s more of a mauler type of blocker as he is not as quick as he was when he was younger, but he still has enough movement skills with strength and power to blow blockers off the snap and away from ball carriers. At 6’3” 320 pounds, Incognito does a great job staying low in a power position with natural knee bend giving him the ability to explode into defenders and create holes. As a pass blocker Incognito is just as effective with quick strong powerful hands. He’s able to keep pass rushers in front of him with great technique and no fear in using “quick sets” to attack pass rushers and out battling them with his hands. Just like in his run blocking technique, Incognito natural knee bend allows him to anchor down enough on a pass rusher that may be pushing him into the QB, giving enough time in the pocket.

Ronnie Stanley LT Ravens

Ravens LT Ronnie Stanley is the ultimate pass protector you will see at what’s considered the prized position of the offensive line and blind side protector. He is not the strongest or most physical player on the offensive line as run blocking is not his strength, but as a pass blocker he is outstanding. He can arguably be the fastest Tackle off the snap and into his pass sets ready to use his long arms and quick hands to stop pass rushers. He is rarely if ever beat as he is able to control the defenders every pass rush move that they may have. Against the Patriots in Week 9 Stanley was able to show off his skills against the Patriots front 7 as they often use a variety of pass rushers to line up over the Left Tackle as well as lots of stunts and twist. Thought the Ravens keep their pass attempts low, Stanley did not allow a sack or pressure, at times showing his ability to use his long arms to punch defenders with power and keep them away from his body. He is becoming one of the best Left Tackles in the game and can definitely be used as teaching tape for young up and coming offensive lineman.

Marshall Yanda RG Ravens

Staying with the Ravens offensive line is 2 time 1st team All-Pro RG Marshal Yanda who along with Stanley is an important part of the Ravens success this season, especially in the run game. A much different player than Stanley, Yanda plays with more power and strength as he is a physical player, hence why he’s playing the Guard position after playing Tackle in college. Yanda also shows good quick hands with the power to punch and jolt defenders backwards. He is more explosive moving forward in the run game than moving backwards in the passing game. He locks on to defenders very well in zone blocking assignments, and is athletic enough to drive them away, finishing with a competitive physical block. Not the most athletic in space but does have good body control to explode off his stance and pulling to the next level for effective blocks. Yanda was very dominant in Week 9 as well giving the Patriots front 7 a hard time in their run defense assignments.

Look out for a film study on all 4 of these players on our Views from the 22 YouTube page showing their different skillsets in their Week 9 performances in route to victories for their respective teams.

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