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Cocos Corner Week 14

Week 14 FIlm Study

In this Week 14 study I decided to look at a couple overall defenses, an offensive line, and one of the most interesting QBs the game has to offer. Basically there is a lot of beef involved in this weeks study and yall know the slogan: No Beef No Lombardi. #justviews

Ravens Defense

The Ravens offense has been great this season especially with Lamar Jackson’s MVP type effort but the defense has also been really good and deserve a lot of credit. They have done their fair share of hard work this season keeping teams to an average of 18.2 points per game, good for 5th overall. They are not the most dominant Ravens defense we've seen in the past 2 decades and despite being 17th in the league with 33 sacks, they are a very opportunistic group that has created turnovers and pressures in crucial situations. They are both solid against the run and pass being in the top 10 through Week 14, and that has also been aided by the one very important stat which is time of possession being at 34.42 minutes average, good for 1st overall. But as I previously stated they are very opportunistic and they displayed that in week 14 against the Bills, which have a solid young group themselves on both sides of the ball. The Bills held the Raven offense to their lowest total of the season at 257 yards, but the defense stepped up even bigger this week keeping the Bills at 209 total yards. The Ravens front was constantly in the backfield totaling 12 QB hits, tied for their highest output since Week 1, 12 tackles for loss, the highest total of the season, and 6 sacks, their second highest output since getting 7 in Week 11 against the Texans. They consistently beat the Bills beef all game and 3 out of their 6 sacks came off their initial pass rush 2 in which caused a fumble. A mark of a good football team is how they can win in different ways and the Ravens certainly have done that all season.

Chiefs Defense

The Chiefs, also known for their offensive prowess, has taken a big step forward defensively the past 3 weeks holding their opponents to 17 points or less. This past week in their matchup against the Patriots, the Chiefs took that momentum into Foxboro and held the defending champions to 16 points. They especially took advantage of a struggling Patriots front 5 constantly putting pressure on QB Tom Brady all night long. Out of 42 dropbacks the Chiefs generated pressure on Brady 23 times from my count, in which 9 were off a 4 man rush and the other 14 consisting of 5 or more rushers. They got 9 total hits on Brady including 3 sacks. The coverage was also exceptional as they disguised both their blitz and coverage responsibilities very well at times confusing the Patriots offense with last second movements presnap. The addition of DB Tyron Mattheiu has helped significantly especially the last 3 weeks where he has been used anywhere from a deep safety coverage in a Tampa 2 role and as a blitzer as well. The Chiefs can be a significant threat to teams in the road to February if their defense can continue this momentum

Patriots Offensive Line

While I’m on the subject of the Patriots Chiefs matchup, it has been disturbing to see how awful this offense has become specifically the Offensive Line. This is easily the worst group Brady has ever had protecting him and the timing could not have been worse with the many losses they have suffered including season ending injuries to FB James Devlin, the loss of C David Andrews to a blood clotting condition, the retirement of TE Rob Gronkowski, and downfall of WR Josh Gordon. 1st round picks WR N’Keal Harry and LT Isaiah Wynn have also struggled each for a variety of reasons. Wynn especially has not been able to consistently protect Brady's blind side, as in my opinion he is best suited for a Guard position just based on his size and arm length. He has the skills to be a great one but right now he is not there yet. But what bothers me about this group is the play of RG Shaq Mason who has been one of the best Guards in the league the last 3 seasons. The lost of Andrews can be a significant reason for this as both Mason and and current C James Ferentz have struggled reading and picking up blitzes and stunts from what i say watching their matchup against the Chiefs. Chiefs DT Chris Jones was very disruptive as they struggled to move laterally in efforts to keep Jones in front of them. He constantly attacked the A Gap in between Mason and Ferentz putting pressure on Brady. The Chiefs could have easily gotten more than the 3 sacks they had if it wasn't for Brady’s unique ability to move and manipulate the pocket. The beef up front for the Patriots may very well be the downfall of the 2019 Patriots.

QB Jameis Winston

I was a big fan of Jameis coming out of Florida State in 2015, and despite some of the issues he had off the field in college, I felt like he had the leadership, confident attitude, and most importantly the skillset to possibly become one of the elites in the NFL. Fast Forward to 5 years and Jameis can still arguably be one of the best QBs in the league but maturity is still a question, which has been in full display both on and off the field. He is the perfect example of a QB that can lose you games just as much as he can win you games and there was no better proof of this in the Buccaneers Week 14 win over the Colts. 2 of his 3 interceptions went for scores for the Colts as Jameis threw a pick 6 in one and the Colts scored on the other with the help of a short field position because of the turnover. But Jameis can also make some impressive throws with great anticipation accuracy and touch over defenders whether they are in man or zone coverages. He is the ultimate risk taker as he loves to throw balls into coverages with the hopes of his velocity getting to the desired spot. Jameis has all the tools, in which he has improved since college, and I am specifically impressed with his ability to stay low naturally in his drop back and then his hitch and drive the ball with great velocity to his target. There is not much inconsistencies with his mechanics as his troubles are more with his immaturity in believing he can fit any throw any way he wants. As I studied him more i do feel like he's a strong NFL QB and deserves at least one more season to grow but the reality is there is not much time to waste and after next year the Bucs may look to improve the position if Jameis doesn't get it together mentally.

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