Cocos Corner Week 10

Week 10 Film Study

This week’s study is going to focus on the players in the secondary as several of them are having great seasons for their respective teams. Lets get into it.

S Jamal Adams Jets

New York Jets 3rd year Strong Safety Jamal Adams has quickly become one of the games most dominating players at his position. The 6’1” 213 pound athlete out of LSU had arguably his most dominant game in his Week 10 matchup against the Giants. Adams was all over the place in his typical role as the do-it-all safety for the Jets. In total he recorded 9 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 fumbles, and recovered one for a TD. On both sacks Adams completely dominated Giants RB Saquon Barkley, the 2nd one coming in the 3rd quarter in which Adams blitzes the C gap initially plowing thru the 235 pound RB, and then tossing him to the side for the strip sack on QB Daniel Jones and going 25 yards for the score. The Jets use Adams all over the field and in many blitz packages, as you see him at times in a deep safety role or in the box covering TEs or pass rush responsibilities. Adams is a well-rounded athlete with great speed and quickness for the position as well as great balance when having to rush the passer and cut the edge to get to the ball. But what makes a safety become as dominant as Adams is his ability to read, react, and finish, something you hear a lot of defensive coaches talk about. You could see how comfortable Adams is in his role and at the NFL level when he is just able to play without thinking to much and use his instincts to make plays. It will be interesting to see what happens with Adams in the off-season as the Jets put him on the trade block before the trade deadline but nothing was able to materialize.

DB Minkah Fitzpatrick Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick has been a playmaker and great addition to the Steeler defense since coming in on a trade from the Miami Dolphins. He is mostly used as a single high safety but can also cover the slot and TEs. At 6’1” 207 pounds Minkah just has an incredible instinctual knack for being around the ball and finding ways to make big time plays for his defense. He showed that in 3 separate ways in the Steelers Week 10 matchup against the Rams. Adams was in the right place twice for a turnover, a fumble recovery and interception, and also knocked down a pass on a double team assignment. The play came in the 3rd quarter with the Steelers leading 14-7, the Rams in the RedZone, 3rd and 4 to go and the Steelers calling the perfect play having Minkah double slot WR Cooper Kupp as he runs a drag route. It was an excellent play call as QB Jared Goff and Head Coach Sean McVay love to go to Kupp in crucial situations, and excellent execution by Minkah showing off his speed to catch up to Kupp from the safety position and knocking down the pass forcing the Rams to go for a field goal.

CB Marcus Peters Ravens

The Ravens are getting a lot of attention from the football world because of the QB and offense but the defense has helped them tremendously in road to the 8-2 record thru Week 10. A big part of that success comes from the outstanding play in the secondary including the addition of CB Marcus Peters before the trade deadline. Peters has the prototypical size that the NFL covets from their CBs standing at 6’0” 197 pounds and he excels on press man coverage that the Ravens mostly deploy. He is a fluid athlete showing smooth flip and run ability to run with WRs and has long strong arms when he needs to press and run. His best traits are his ability to use his great foot quickness mixed with his ability to read and react to routes and what the QB is going to do and he showed this in his Week 10 matchup against the Bengals. Peters has a risk taking style of play but in this play he made the right decision as he was in “off man” coverage on WR Alex Erickson, who ran a hook route and Peters reacted immediately to QB Ryan Finley motion to throw that route. It was an easy read for Peters, but he has also been a turnover machine for the Ravens since he came in.

CB Marlon Humphrey Ravens

The other CB for the Ravens who has been a great draft pick for them is Marlon Humphrey who is the same size as Peters giving the Ravens 2 prototypical sized players in the secondary that can get physical with press man coverage. Humphrey had a tough matchup against the Bengals WR Tyler Boyd who excels as a route runner. Combined with the fact that the Bengals have to throw a lot in games, Humphrey did a great job against Boyd holding him to 3 catches 27 yards in which he was the cover man, out of Boyd’s 6 catches for 66 yards. Humphrey excels at man coverage and has great acceleration and burst to close in and break up passes or not allowing WRs to get open, at the top of their routes. The Ravens sure have 2 excellent cover men that have helped take their defense to another level and should help them have a long play off run if other teams are not able to stop their offense.

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